How Do Changes in My Employee Count Impact My Monthly Invoice?

When you sign a NetVisor contract with Net Friends, the agreement will clearly state the personnel count you are contracted for and the cost implication for each added employee. The base-line monthly fee and the supplementary employee charges are predetermined at the contract initiation stage. These rates remain constant throughout the contract's duration.

(Highlight the baseline monthly fee and employee count and the supplementary employee charge)

Reduction in Staff

If after the company signs the contract and there is a reduction in staff below the employees included in the contract’s baseline monthly fee, there will not be a reduction in the cost per employee. Your monthly fee will not go below the contracted amount.

Adding Staff

Using the sample above, if the company added 5 new employees, the cost would increase by $109/employee or $545/month. While you cannot decrease your monthly fee below the contracted amount, in this example if you reduced your head count by 2 employees, there would be a corresponding reduction in cost (2 employees x $109 per employee). As you would still have 28 employees utilizing services.

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