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6 Early Signs You Joined the Right Company

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It's often easier to spot a terrible employer than a good one, so what makes a company good? There isn't just one set of qualities that any organization must possess to be deemed a wonderful workplace. Let’s explore a few things you can look out for that indicate whether you made the right choice in joining a company.

The Hiring Process is Smooth

A company that goes above and beyond to impress you during the interview process is probably going to put forth the same level of effort to keep its present staff pleased. Pay attention to the attitude and tone of the interviewers as well. Make sure to get a feel for how passionate the interviewers are while discussing the job, mission, and vision of the organization.  

You Receive a Company Welcome Pack

A good first day at work is facilitated by new hire welcome packages, which provide new recruits with the tools they need for the job. While this may seem like a surface-level perk, companies that put thought into providing a welcome bag are more likely to put thought into other aspects of your job.  

On your first day at Net Friends, you will receive a welcome swag pack, that includes all materials you may need during your first week. This pack may look a little different based on your role, but it will include everything you need to make you feel right at home.  

We also include a little orange book called "What the Heck is EOS?" which helps orient new hires to the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) that Net Friends adopted in 2018. It's like an instruction manual for how the company runs great meetings, handles performance reviews, sets goals, and measures success.

You Are Working for a Greater Cause

If you and your employer share the same core beliefs, working together is more enjoyable. Plus, you will feel proud of your successes, because you have faith in the big picture. Knowing your principles align with those of your employer is an indication that you've chosen the right workplace, especially because when that's lacking, it can be difficult to desire to stay or to advance in the organization.  

These beliefs can include what kind of volunteer opportunities there are within the company. You can also take note of the types of impactful books or articles that are shared within the company that get a lot of traction.

They Take Employee Feedback Seriously

It is expected that even the best businesses will make mistakes along the road. However, rather than just accepting these flaws, companies should work to correct them by getting input from the people who know best, their employees. At Net Friends, we have quarterly performance reviews, which not only allow you to reflect and gain feedback on your performance, but for you to give feedback to management as well.  

We also have our quarterly pulse surveys and other targeted surveys that seek feedback on our onboarding process, benefits packages, and general engagement and support levels. This allows us to give our employees multiple outlets to provide feedback. Managers also keep an open-door policy to encourage their teams to reach out whenever they have challenges, they want to share or process.

They Foster Strong Working Relationships

When you have easy chemistry and rapport with your coworkers, work is incredibly fun. While developing and maintaining relationships with your coworkers is your responsibility, your employer should provide opportunities for these relationships to flourish. At Net Friends, we prioritize various opportunities to allow our employees to build strong relationships right away.  

We partner our new employees with a mentor who can provide them with a strong support system and answer any work-related questions. Through this mentorship, new employees not only build a strong relationship with a seasoned professional but meet other employees through their mentor as well.  

Once we deemed it safe to gather once again, we resumed our Net Friends game nights, anniversary parties, holiday parties, and other social events. We love using these events to gather and celebrate our accomplishments while fostering our working relationships.  

You See Growth Potential

When you take on a new role, you most likely hope to advance within and beyond your position. You don't have to envision a direct and simple path for your future, but it's important to take note of the possibilities you have, or lack thereof if you work hard and perform well. Promotions, pay raises, and a profitable position are all things that people look for in a role. One indication that this is the ideal workplace for you is if you can see room for advancement with your possible employer.  

At Net Friends, we hold annual compensation meetings in which you and your management team can discuss the possibility of a pay raise or promotion. John, our CEO, established these meetings when he became owner in 2009 to ensure that there is an unbiased system of compensation analysis. Everyone in the company has a compensation review around the same time every year. This meeting is solely focused on how to increase your compensation and maximize your career earning potential.

Above are 6 ways you can tell if you are at the right company. If you find that your current employer is lacking in some of these areas, don’t worry. If you are ready to work for a great company, Net Friends may be the right fit for you. Curious about what else Net Friends has to offer? Check out our career page.  


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