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How An MSP Helps Businesses with Internet Connectivity

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We all know how disruptive it is to lose internet during business hours. You reset the modem, check the electricity, and frantically surf the internet on your phone to see if there is a local outage.

Deep down, you might even secretly be relieved if it is a local outage because then you do not have to make that dreaded phone call. But reality sinks in, and you realize you still need to make the call. Meanwhile, you are left wondering how you are going to keep your business running. What is your business continuity plan? Should you send everyone home? Cue the dark and stormy night music.

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Here is the good news: your Managed Service Provider (MSP) can come to the rescue during an internet outage. They will make that phone call to your internet provider on your behalf, sparing you from the hassle. Moreover, they will proactively work with your business to minimize the disruption caused by the outage.

How can Net Friends support your connectivity?

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When the internet goes down, Net Friends will already be working to resolve the issue. Our NetCore customers have monitoring and alerting setup, so our technicians get notified when there are network disruptions. We will swiftly diagnose the cause of the issue, and our skilled technicians will be working on it. Also, we have your provider on speed dial and have the experience to solve the issue faster and with less hassle. Internet down situations are something we deal with regularly and we are well versed in asking the right things and providing the information needed to restore service.

Thanks to our expertise in handling these situations, we can get your systems up and running faster than you can on your own. Throughout the process, we will keep you informed, providing updates on what is happening and what you can expect.  

Net Friends keeps a close eye on internet connectivity, bandwidth utilization, and network performance in real-time. By identifying potential issues or disruptions early on, we can take immediate action to prevent or minimize the impact of internet outages. Furthermore, Net Friends will optimize your infrastructure to enhance performance and stability. It is in everyone’s best interest to have the systems finely tuned. You will be more productive and happier when things work as they should, and we will have fewer problems to manage.

To ensure business continuity, your Customer Success Manager will collaborate with you to create a plan in the event of an internet outage. This plan may include backup and recovery strategies such as off-site data backups, redundant infrastructure, and alternative connectivity options.

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With Net Friends by your side, you will not be left feeling helpless when the internet goes down or other technology disruptions arise. We will already have plans in motion and established procedures to ensure your business can continue running smoothly.  

Are you ready to say goodbye to that sense of dread? Contact us, we got your back!

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