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How Your MSP Can Deliver Concierge Procurement

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Imagine being at a luxurious five-star hotel, maybe in some amazing place like Zurich or Honolulu. You want to go on an excursion that day, but instead of the hassle of researching and choosing the best activities and providers, negotiating prices, and dealing with logistics, you call the concierge. They give you a list of various excursions, and once you make your selection, the hotel takes care of all the details, including arranging transportation. All the while you enjoy a leisurely breakfast.

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How Your MSP Can Deliver Concierge Procurement

When you partner with Net Friends and it is time to purchase a new endpoint device, all you have to do is reach out with a call or email, and we will handle everything else. You can focus on other tasks, knowing that a newly provisioned device is on its way to you. There is no need to worry about finding the right model, ensuring it has the necessary storage and processing power, tracking delivery, dealing with delays or out-of-stock concerns, and then having to install the appropriate software.

You can think of Net Friends as your endpoint concierge.

Top 3 Benefits to Concierge Procurement

Aside from the convenience of utilizing your Managed Service Provider (MSP) for device procurement, there are other benefits:

1. Your MSP understands your IT environment

Just like a knowledgeable concierge who is familiar with the hotel's surroundings, amenities, and nearby establishments, Net Friends possesses a deep understanding of your IT infrastructure. We are well-acquainted with your systems, network, and software, allowing us to provide customized solutions and efficient support.  

Net Friends' engineering team invests a lot of time learning about the appropriate configuration and functions of your IT environment. We receive notices from our vendor partners, and we get excited to read all the fine print. Testing out new devices and consulting with vendor engineers is a highlight of our day. We translate this knowledge into making sure that when it is time to add new equipment it will work with your existing infrastructure.

Net Friends can also leverage the benefits of Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP) to ensure your staff experiences a consistent workstation deployment experience.
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2. Your MSP recommends technology for similar companies

Net Friends has extensive experience working with other companies in your industry. We understand the specific technology needs and challenges faced by your sector. Our Customer Success Managers can suggest solutions to enhance your business.  

There are significant differences between consumer-grade and business-grade hardware. Consumer devices offer cost savings, but lack durability and configuration capabilities to support the key security and central cloud management features that most businesses need to meet their customer obligations. Not to mention that they tend to fail more often than business-grade hardware. Compatibility issues with existing IT infrastructure may also arise, which can lead to unexpected expenses to integrate the device.

Net Friends will provide you with a business-grade product that will be durable and have the internal computing power to meet the demands of your business.

3. New solutions conveniently billed with your monthly invoice

Like a hotel concierge who itemizes any additional charges to your room bill, an MSP can streamline the procurement process for new IT solutions. They can include the cost of hardware, software, and services in your monthly invoice, simplifying your budget management.

You might be wondering if using Net Friends to purchase your products comes with a higher cost. The short answer is maybe. During significant promotional periods, you may find lower prices elsewhere. However, the price offered by Net Friends is comparable to, if not lower than, what you would pay without a sale.

Net Friends leverages direct distributor benefits to pass along the best price to our customers.  

We are not in the business of selling hardware; we offer this service to help alleviate the headaches associated with using inadequate tools for the job. Our experience over the past 25 years has shown that many of our customers were purchasing machines that did not function compatibly in their environments. This often resulted in replacing supposedly "new" computers with more suitable ones. Due to this, our NetVisor contract provides clients with concierge purchasing services.  

We find that even our most skeptical customers are our biggest converts after they see our concierge services in action. No more worrying about specifications or compatibility issues. Additionally, our well maintained stock gives you the option to provision a computer quickly. Our dedicated purchasing department ensures smooth supply chain management, saving you from the headaches of dealing with supply chain issues.

Save Time with Concierge Procurement

Your time is a finite commodity. Time spent shopping for devices is time you could spend in pursuit of your larger business goals or planning that trip to Zurich or Honolulu.

Just like calling the hotel concierge in the opening example, Net Friends is here to relieve the stress associated with technology. With a deep understanding of your IT environment and technology in general, Net Friends can provide tailored solutions and efficient support. By eliminating the headaches associated with selecting and configuring devices, Net Friends allows you to navigate technology with ease and confidence, like the stress-free experience of calling a concierge for assistance.

Do you want a tech concierge? Reach out to Net Friends! We look forward to supporting your business.

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