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Top 5 Reasons Why Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP) is Critical to Anywhere Operations

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Anywhere Operations empowers your employees to work from anywhere and serve customers everywhere. The remote workforce is steadily growing. Approximately 25% of all North American professional jobs will be remote by the end of 2022.

Anywhere Operations requires a distributed infrastructure with multiple devices that require robust and safe network access. Zero-touch provisioning (ZTP) enables secure, quick, and hassle-free automated setups for every employee regardless of their IT proficiency. Investing in solutions for contactless interactions will eliminate manual IT configuration before deployment.

What is Zero-Touch Provisioning? 

Zero-touch provisioning (ZTP) is a great way to simplify the deployment of devices. ZTP can be used to accelerate the deployment of all sorts of devices by getting a configuration or set of instructions automatically pushed out to a device once it comes online.

ZTP also allows IT personnel to rapidly deploy network and endpoint devices in a large-scale environment (as is the case for Anywhere Operations). You can find zero-touch provisioning in machines such as network switches, routers, wireless access points, network functions virtualization (NFV) platforms, firewalls, and workstations. For SMBs, ZTP is best leveraged for rapid workstation deployments.

How Does ZTP Work?

With remote work, it's convenient to distribute connection-ready workstation devices to staff with little to no IT prowess. Once they receive the device, they physically unbox and power it. The device has a built-in ZTP feature to automatically configure and connect it to the management system. Then they will have network access to complete their duties.

ZTP aims to help IT personnel install multiple workstation devices at scale. Manual configuration is a laborious, error-prone activity (especially when setting up several devices). Zero-touch provisioning bypasses manual configuration, eliminates human error, and ensures consistency.

One-touch provisioning (OTP) is another solution for contactless interactions when deploying new machines. Both OTP and ZTP significantly reduce the need for a technician to setup devices that need to be shipped to an employee's remote work location. Both methods reduce the setup complexity and time required to provision a device.

Top 5 Benefits of ZTP for Anywhere Operations

Advantages of zero-touch provisioning for remote work include:

1. Rapid Deployment

ZTP is an efficient solution for onboarding new staff or distributing new devices to a remote workforce. Automated setup and configuration minimize the time spent getting your employees ready to work from anywhere. Quick workstation deployment supports a seamless transition to remote work, reduces business disruptions, enhances market competitiveness, and improves productivity. 

2. Navigation Simplified

Many small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) do not have an internal IT department. Zero-touch provisioning allows a law office, for example, to send a workstation to an employee’s remote work location and have them set up and ready to serve clients in a few hours. ZTP also minimizes the complexities associated with tracking, configuring, and managing several remote devices and their users’ access requirements. 

3. Eliminate Configuration Errors

Manual configuration is error-prone. However, since ZTP uses cloud-based communications for device management, no human employees are involved, thus guaranteeing consistent and high-quality network access. 

4. Lower Operational Costs

Many SMBs may have modest IT budgets. Zero-touch provisioning decreases operational costs and frees your staff to focus on your core business processes. 

5. Easy to Scale

ZTP helps facilitate the growth of your business operations. For example, a medical practice can initiate Anywhere Operations by having a smaller admin staff in remote work mode. Over time, they can transition to having more persons work from anywhere. Zero-touch provisioning makes it easy to scale your operations as needed. 

Implement Anywhere Operations With Ease

Net Friends is your expert Managed Service Provider (MSP) offering an array of IT services to enhance your business. We will help you leverage zero-touch provisioning (ZTP) and other tools to make your company’s transition to Anywhere Operations a smooth, hassle-free experience. Contact us today to begin harvesting the rewards of remote work - such as lower operational overheads and greater profits.

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