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Why You Need An Annual Infrastructure Assessment

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Neelesh Patel

Much like the annual physical you receive from a primary care physician, an infrastructure assessment is a point in time snapshot of the overall health of your business’ technology systems. The performance of the individual elements on your network are compared against industry standards and a report is delivered outlining the results, along with recommendations. A particular focus on security and adherence to policy is a must these days.  

Annual Infrastructure Assessment Checklist

A comprehensive assessment should include a full review of the following network elements:

  • Workstations
  • Servers
  • Printers
  • Network Shares
  • Major Applications
  • Patch Summary
  • Endpoint Security and Backups
  • Remote Listening Ports
  • Internet Access
  • External Speed Test
  • External Security Vulnerabilities
  • Internet Domain
  • Windows Domain:
  • - Domain Controllers
    - FSMO Roles
    - Organizational Units
    - Group Policy Objects
    - Users
    - Service Accounts
    - Security Groups
    - Computers in Domain
    - Server Aging
    - Workstation Aging
    - Domain DNS
  • IoT Devices

The Value Of An Infrastructure Assessment

There are strong business cases for performing these assessments. In fact, not performing an infrastructure assessment is the best way to turn a minimally risky event into a downtime scenario that lasts for hours or days. Without an annual assessment, most businesses have no visibility into the age of their hardware, resource constraints they are approaching, or a reasonable budget for critical services. These critical services should include licensing and vendor support of key devices like firewalls and switches that can be single points of failure.

Explore Infrastructure Assessments From Net Friends

The true value of an Infrastructure Assessment is realized when it is performed annually and results are compared year-over-year to identify trendlines. Trendlines in available resources, security vulnerabilities, and adherence to business and compliance-based policies are critical to ensuring your technology systems are ready and primed for business continuity.

Net Friends provides Infrastructure Assessments independently as a standalone service, and we also include an introductory review with every NetVisor contract for managed IT services. For multi-year contracts, an annual assessment is performed. Recommendations are added to a personalized IT Road Map that is leveraged by our customers to budget for technology that support their business goals and discussed quarterly. Reporting deliverables from our assessments include:

Learn more about Net Friends Infrastructure Assessment or contact us today to discuss getting started with your annual assessment!

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