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Identify Critical Data Missing from Your Backup Strategy

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Neelesh Patel

When the Projects team here at Net Friends creates a critical data assessment for a customer, the customer often shows us a couple of servers, a cloud file service, and a web application. “Is this all your data?” we ask. “All the important data!” the customer replies. “OK, good,” we say. “Could we possibly confirm a few things with your bookkeeper, your designers, and your HR director?”

Why do we ask to speak to these employees? Because they all use line-of-business applications – specialized software that relies on large or sensitive files. We invariably find that at least one of these employees is keeping critical, sensitive data on their laptop or desktop and is not backing up that data to the customer’s central data repositories.

The Importance of Line-of Business Software

Line-of-business (LOB) software is the Achilles heel of small business backup strategies. Although a customer’s existing backup may capture the documents, spreadsheets, and presentations that are critical to most employees, it's likely to miss some key files hiding in plain sight:

  • The QuickBooks file – often found on a finance employee’s work and home computers.
  • AutoCAD and Photoshop design files – too large to edit over the internet from an employee’s home office, so they’re copied onto a flash drive that commutes to work in a designer’s messenger bag.
  • HR and payroll files – so sensitive that they’re kept in a secret repository or on the HR director’s computer.

If these files are accidentally deleted, or if the computer they’re stored on is lost or needs repair, that employee’s productivity can take a nosedive. Days or weeks of work must be repeated. Important legal records may be lost.

That’s why we recommend NetVisor managed IT services for all our customers. With NetVisor, you have the option to add full daily cloud backups for your workstations, a service that offers enhanced security and peace of mind for your data, no matter the size or location.

Discover how Net Friends' backup services can supercharge your NetVisor experience and keep your workdays running securely and smoothly.

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