About Neelesh Patel, President of Net Friends

Neelesh Patel is owner and President of Net Friends, Inc., an MSP and MSSP headquartered in NC. He began his Net Friends career in early 2008 as a field technician working with customers in life sciences, healthcare, education, and professional services. Armed with a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer certification, he began his IT career in 1999 as an IT consultant and worked with major brands like Walmart.com to design and deploy solutions that fortified the efficiency of their networks and communication platforms to enhance and protect business processes.  He focused heavily on the Microsoft Exchange platform and worked with numerous organizations in the greater Bay Area to migrate away from Lotus Notes to Microsoft-based messaging and collaboration suites.

Neelesh took the knowledge he acquired by working as a consultant to enterprises and developed more affordable solutions for small businesses in the Bay Area. He delivered those solutions through his first MSP venture, Minaxi Network Solutions. He was able to succeed during the dot com storm while IT businesses around him were failing at a rapid clip, because of his intense focus on customer experience.  Eventually, he was able to parlay that business development knowledge into building a software development startup in Costa Rica.  After amassing valuable lessons running a business stateside as well as abroad, and successfully selling Minaxi Networks, he moved to North Carolina with the goal of being closer to family and applying his vision for “enterprise solutions at a small business price” to support local businesses in the RTP area. He found the perfect home in Net Friends as they, philosophically and in practice, focused on durable enterprise-grade solutions with the customer’s experience top of mind.

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Neelesh Patel

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Why We Support Mental Health Awareness

At Net Friends, we are committed to normalizing mental illness as a topic of discussion and focus for our company.

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