How to Maximize Microsoft Non-Profit Grants & Discounts

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Microsoft Non-Profit Grants and Discounts

Microsoft offers grants and discounts to non-profit organizations globally, mindfully catering to the specific needs of non-profit users. These benefits are set in place to promote greater accessibility, collaboration, and growth for non-profits.

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Non-profits have leaner budgets and restricted resources, so access to premium tools like Microsoft 365 are affected, impacting their advocacy efforts.  

The grants and discounts from Microsoft help shore up those technology gaps non-profits face. With access to the latest tools and training, non-profits can enhance their advocacy work and continue making significant impact.

Let's look at eligibility, plus what resources and grants are available to non-profits...

Navigating Non-Profit Eligibility

Microsoft offers support to a variety of organizations, ensuring that even non-profits can take full advantage of technology advancements. To be eligible, non-profit's need to:

  • Hold recognition of charitable status
  • Align with a community-benefit mission
  • Adhere to Microsoft's anti-discrimination policy

For non-profits based in the United States, your 501(c)(3) status will qualify you. This inclusive approach ensures that non-profits, regardless of size or focus, can use the collaborative power of technology to boost their mission. Just make sure to assign Microsoft licenses to eligible staff and use Microsoft's product offerings effectively.

How to Maximize Microsoft Offerings

Grants, Discounts, & Utilization Management

Non-profit grants are available to paid non-profit employees and unpaid executive staff who provide leadership. Non-profit discounts are also offered to interns and volunteers, empowering the entire non-profit community. A proactive approach to use management is essential. Microsoft Philanthropies encourages non-profits to keep 85% active usage for all granted Assigned Licenses to ensure the broadest reach and impact.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can help you effectively manage all your users, ensuring that user roles and permissions are well-managed. Your MSP can also monitor active usage to help you maximize the impact of Microsoft resources.

Seamless Process & Regular Attestations

Microsoft has a streamlined eligibility process for non-profits, with reminders to keep eligibility and adhere to donor rules. This highlights a mutual commitment to ensuring technology's positive influence. Learn more about the three-step process to access Microsoft's discounted and donated solutions.

Empowering Collaboration with Volunteers & Interns

Recognizing the vital role of volunteers and short-term interns, Microsoft offers a seamless means of collaboration. Non-profits can invite external volunteers to collaborate using personal Microsoft accounts. For a more integrated experience, discounted offers give businesses full Microsoft 365 capabilities, including organization email addresses, enhancing teamwork and communication.

Enabling Innovation through Cloud Grant Offers

Microsoft's cloud grant offerings have evolved, with Microsoft 365 Business Basic and Business Premium taking the spotlight. The transition from Office 365 E1 ensures that non-profits have access to the latest productivity tools. Think of the basic and premium options as a powerful package that unifies communication and productivity.

Whether you are writing documents, crunching numbers, or joining virtual meetings, Office 365 E1 empowers your team to collaborate and create, in one digital playground.

Additionally, strategic grants for Office 365 E1 licenses can be pursued by larger non-profits, fostering innovation aligned with organizational goals.

M365 Business Premium: A Complete Solution

Net Friends recommends Microsoft 365 Business Premium to all customers. Non-profits can access this integrated solution that combines the power of Office 365 productivity, device management, and security. With an initial grant for up to 10 seats, non-profits can further expand access at a cost-effective $5.50 (USD)* per added user per month. This ensures organizations receive help from top-tier productivity tools at an accessible rate.

Learning with the Digital Skills Center

Microsoft's collaboration with TechSoup birthed the Digital Skills Center for Nonprofits. Offering over 70 self-paced and on-demand courses across Microsoft 365 products, Teams, Power BI, and more, the center focuses on "microlearning." Bite-sized courses cater to diverse learning needs and are available on-demand, ensuring that each user's journey is personalized and flexible.  

Net Friends: Your Partner in the Journey

As non-profits embark on their digital journey, Net Friends stands as a Microsoft Solutions Partner, driven by a mission to help drive exceptional performance for every organization we work with. Recognized as a Solutions partner for Modern Work, Net Friends' proficiency in leveraging Microsoft 365 ensures a seamless transition to hybrid work. With dedication and experience, Net Friends equips our non-profit customers to harness the full potential of technology in their quest for positive change.

Microsoft empowers non-profits with a comprehensive array of resources, encompassing invaluable discounts and enriching training opportunities. In tandem, Net Friends is eager to form a strategic partnership with your non-profit, enabling your team to elevate its capabilities through purposeful technology adoption that aligns seamlessly with your organizational goals. Contact us today!

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