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How An MSP Can Help Your Non-Profit Navigate TechSoup

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Technology plays an important role in helping non-profit organizations achieve their mission. However, the latest tech tools are not always affordable. That is where TechSoup comes in! TechSoup is an organization that helps non-profits get discounted or donated technology products.

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How an MSP Can Help Your Non-Profit Navigate TechSoup

What is TechSoup?

TechSoup is a global non-profit organization that operates internationally on a mission to create more equitable access to technology resources. Established in 1987, TechSoup has served as a bridge between technology providers and the non-profit sector, empowering service organizations with access to the tools and resources they need to thrive in the digital age.

Non-profits first register with TechSoup, once their 501(c)3 status is confirmed, they will be able to access the catalog of software, hardware, training, and support services. The process is easy to complete, and accounts are confirmed quickly. At Net Friends, we always recommend all our non-profit clients obtain a TechSoup account.

What resources can I access through TechSoup?

TechSoup provides access to a wide range of software and productivity tools at reduced prices or free of charge. For example, Adobe Express is available for free, and Microsoft 365 products can be obtained starting at a mere $1 per license. These cost-saving measures allow non-profits to access up-to-date tools at manageable prices.

Beyond software, TechSoup also extends its discounts to cloud-based server tools and backup storage. For instance, organizations can purchase $1,000 worth of Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud storage credits for just $95. Larger organizations can access more credits at similar discounts. This support facilitates the modernization of non-profit operations, enabling them to stay connected and maintain productivity, even when staff members work off-site.

If your organization does not use AWS, there are also significant discounts for other cloud solutions like Entra ID (formerly Azure AD). Entra ID provides many benefits, from speed, flexibility, and robust security to more backup and recovery options than any on-premise solution a small business owner could build on their own. TechSoup offers many server-less resources that businesses need, including access to management tools through Entra ID or backup and disaster recovery tools for your entire IT infrastructure.  

TechSoup's commitment to supporting non-profits extends beyond providing technology products. It also offers a wide range of training and learning resources. Organizations can access webinars, tutorials, and guides to maximize their tech resources and enhance their digital capabilities. This educational support ensures that non-profits can make the most of the technologies they acquire and optimize their operations.

Can my MSP buy products for me from TechSoup?

While TechSoup is an excellent resource for non-profits seeking technology solutions, managed service providers (MSPs) like Net Friends cannot directly purchase products from TechSoup on their behalf. However, they can guide non-profits in making informed decisions about what products to purchase for their IT environment.  

Once a non-profit has made a purchase through TechSoup, a managed service provider like Net Friends can manage the implementation process and ensure a smooth transition. The MSP can also monitor expiration dates of licenses, ensuring that renewals are timely and avoid disruptions to operations.
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Navigating TechSoup with Net Friends

Net Friends, as a managed service provider, places a strong emphasis on helping non-profits leverage the discounted software and hardware available through TechSoup. By aligning their technology strategies with their clients' missions, they can ensure that non-profits make the most of the resources at their disposal. If your non-profit is searching for a technology partner that can help you manage your IT infrastructure and take it to the next level, Net Friends is a reliable option to consider. Let's connect today!

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