Net Friends Expands NetCore Infrastructure Management Offerings for SMBs

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Net Friends, a managed IT services provider, today announced the launch of a new service: NetCore for Servers. Managed Services for Servers allows small and medium businesses to bring the core engines of their business to a high level of performance and availability.

"We are no longer in an era when downtime is tolerated," says John Snyder, Net Friends CEO. "We are in the 'Anywhere Operations' age, and businesses need solutions that are designed to protect critical operations from the threat of downtime. NetCore for Servers is how we enable you to confidently rely on your technology to support your business."

Businesses protected by NetCore for Servers have the assurance that their workforce and workflows are constantly inspected for any drift or deviation from standards, triggering both automated and human responses to restore the system to full and normal function. Businesses also need to have predictable costs so their technology spend doesn't sprawl or a handful of IT investments do not consume too much of their overall IT budget. Net Friends has fashioned NetCore for Servers to ensure it delivers value and results.

NetCore for Servers features 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC) support complemented by industry leading monitoring and management capabilities. The Net Friends NOC team leverages a suite of proprietary solutions and products to ensure that any anomalies are detected. There are no surprises or up-charges for customers, as NetCore for Servers includes an all-inclusive contract with all services delivered at a low fixed monthly rate. Customers of NetCore for Servers also benefit from the guidance of our leadership team and customer success team, which leverages decades of combined experience applying proven industry best practices and tactics.

NetCore for Servers complements other preventative service offerings from Net Friends, such as NetVisor (people-centric managed services) and NetCore (network infrastructure managed services).

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