The First Cornerstone to Safe Network Design: Technology Stack

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John Snyder

We’ve distinguished three core pillars required to build and maintain a Safe Network. The first pillar is the Technology Stack, the foundation of any Safe Network. No business should try to skip this step to establish the Tech Stack by first building a professional training program (the second pillar) or implementing hands-on skills development exercises (the third pillar).

Without developing and cementing your Technology Stack from the onset, you risk frequently recycling technology solutions and upending the investments made to establish operational processes and systems training.

Choosing The Best Technology Stack

Armed with the rigorous and in-depth market research that we exclusively accessed through our Gartner partnership, we are able to thoroughly explore the true capabilities of multiple vendors and contrast them with the help of seasoned industry analysts. We only want to bring our customers outstanding products that are built and supported by true visionary vendors who are leaders in their respective technology platforms.

Our search was not just for great products dominating the market, but we wanted to confirm there was a culture of security visible through and through at the vendor. The vendors we chose each had a commendable track record that showed excellent decisions, both for their in-house product developments and their acquisitions, which were inspired, strategic, and successful. Just as important, we want to implement solutions that are built to last, so we select technology partners who are likely to exist in a recognizable form a decade from now.

Niche players arrive on the technology scene every day, but we want to work with the trailblazers who also invest in the development of longstanding products and establishing operational maturity.

Every technology solution you choose to bring into your business should be helping you improve the safety of your work environment. Net Friends is committed to making every solution we implement together for your organization help you establish and maintain a Safe Network.

Key Features of Safe Networks

Terrific technology requires more than just outstanding design, reliability, interoperability, and exceptional features. It must be straightforward to install, maintain, and support. It needs to be secure by design, but readily adaptable and upgradeable as business needs and security threats change over time. Our other two pillars for Safe Networks stem from excellent pre-sales and post-sales product support from the supplier, as our training and process build-out depends on these vendors to provide professional certifications and learning materials. Mature vendors also work with us to provide not-for-resale devices and licenses we can use to build our own training lab and service development program around.  

We know we have a sacred duty to provide our customers with the best products their money can buy, with the highest possible return on investment (ROI). Our belief that Universal Safe Networks built on these curated technology solutions might imply that you couldn’t achieve a “Safe Network” with other vendor products. We believe it is possible to achieve this outcome with other vendor solutions, but we believe that it would be a less straight and much steeper uphill path to take. Our goal is to work with our preferred technology and select vendor partners to achieve Safe Networks.  

There’s so much more innovation and change ahead with technology. The next decade is going to be so full of new opportunities unlocked by technological advances, and challenges that come with adapting to these advances. Your competitive advantage as a business will be realized in a large part through your ability to positively respond and adopt these changes. Our role here as your partner is to ensure that your technology investments are enhancing your reputation with your customers and staff alike.

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