Why Your Cloud Environment Needs Palo Alto Networks Strata

Investing in Palo Alto Networks Strata is like equipping your security team with night-vision goggles – they can see further, understand more, and react faster.

Business Strategy
Net Friends Champions SMB Cybersecurity with NetSafe™ Launch

The risk of cyberattacks is notably heightened for small businesses. Over 46% of cyber breaches target SMBs. Is your business protected?

Managed IT Services
Why Businesses Need IT Infrastructure Assessments

An IT infrastructure assessment is a systematic evaluation of an organization's entire IT environment.

Managed IT Services
How An MSP Can Help Your Non-Profit Navigate TechSoup

TechSoup is a remarkable resource to non-profits seeking greater accessibility to core technology tools. Your MSP can help you make informed TechSoup decisions.

Which Password Manager Do We Recommend for Business?

Password security allows us to safely enjoy the advantages of our interconnected world. A reliable password manager helps us manage our password security.

Business Strategy
Why Businesses Are Switching from CapEx to OpEx for their IT Investments

Is it better to buy your IT assets outright or lease them? Let's examine capital expenses vs. operating expenses, and how OpEx can optimize your IT budget.

How We Developed Our Approach to Security

Our cybersecurity culture is deeply informed by our vision for Universal Safe Networks and our commitment to help businesses fortify their security.

How to Make Your WFH Machine Less Vulnerable to Kids and Life Events

As you work at home, you can protect your devices from children and life events by following these tips. 

Top 12 Technology Buzzwords Every Small Business Should Know

Every SMB needs to innovate to thrive in the marketplace. Technology buzzwords also hold value in helping SMBs position for greater competitiveness.

Is Your VPN Solution Optimized for Anywhere Operations?

Our four core recommendations to ensure your VPN solution is optimized for Anywhere Operations to support your distributed workforce.

The Stack Lab: Meeting Cybersecurity Hands-On

In 2020, we designed our Stack Lab, featuring technology equipment that facilitates in-house, hands-on training for our technical staff.

Why You Need Technology Specialists

Far too often, IT companies are stuck in the generalist hiring loop with no formal strategy to develop their technical staff beyond being break-fix technicians.

The First Cornerstone to Safe Network Design: Technology Stack

By cementing your Technology Stack from the onset, you dodge disruptions such as frequently recycling technology solutions and upending operational processes.

How Do We Get to Universally Safe Networks?

It starts with a professional standardized certification for those who practice safe network design and operation.

Why We Selected Aruba's Networking Products for Our Technology Stack

As Aruba puts it "the 'Magic' is in the customer experience" after being positioned as a Leader in the 2020 Gartner Wired and Wireless LAN Magic Quadrant.

How Our Passion for Cortex XDR Paid Off

When we discovered Cortex XDR as the best detection & response tool on the market, we knew we'd do everything we could to create access to it for our customers.

Net Friends Joins Exclusive Aruba Program

Net Friends Provides Triangle Businesses Exclusive Access to Aruba Networks Wired and Wireless Infrastructure Product Suite

Managed IT Services
Palo Alto Networks Leads in Gartner's 2020 Magic Quadrant for Network Firewalls

In November 2020, Gartner released its Magic Quadrant for Network Firewalls with Palo Alto Networks securing the top position yet again in the Leader quadrant.

Managed IT Services
How We Built Our Technology Stack: A Palo Alto Networks Case Study

Establishing our Palo Alto Networks partner status allowed us to differentiate ourselves as an MSP and MSSP in the local and regional market.

Managed IT Services
What Is A Technology Stack & Why Should I Care?

If your current IT provider isn’t operating within a defined Technology Stack, it means they are not supporting you optimally.

Net Friends Recognized by Palo Alto Networks as a NextWave MSSP Partner

Net Friends is introducing NetCore Elements, a monthly subscription service featuring Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall and security protections.

Managed IT Services
Top 4 Technology Stack Questions to Ask Your MSP

Your MSP must be willing to make difficult commitments in order for their Technology Stack to help customers produce returns on the investment.

Managed IT Services
The Next Big Thing: Technology Stacks

Net Friends is the first managed service provider (MSP) in the Research Triangle region to deploy a complete Technology Stack for local businesses.

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