Top 7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Microsoft 365 OneDrive

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Our greater reliance on remote work has increased the need for innovative, real-time collaboration tools. Research shows that 58% of business-related cyberattacks are against SMBs, so adopting cyber-secure tools such as Microsoft 365 OneDrive is critical. Although some SMBs have adopted such collaboration tools, the tendency is to rely on their Basic or Standard versions. But this approach leaves companies missing out on significant cost savings and the more business-oriented features of these cloud-based apps. At Net Friends, we recommend that our clients use Business Premium licenses. We are also a Microsoft Certified Partner, and we can help you access volume license discounts. Let’s consider the benefits of OneDrive for your business.

Exploring the Benefits of Microsoft 365 OneDrive Business Premium

OneDrive is a cloud-based file storage and file sharing system that offers on-demand access to all your company’s files. It seamlessly integrates with all Microsoft 365 apps and makes remote work and synchronized collaboration possible. Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in Microsoft 365 OneDrive:

1. OneDrive is Always Available

OneDrive is on the cloud platform, and it boasts close to 100% uptime since its inception. You can rely on OneDrive always being available, and this fact helps your teams increase their productivity.

2. On-Demand Access 

OneDrive is accessible from any device and at any time. Microsoft’s data centers are located across the world. Therefore, OneDrive is a cloud-based system that is locally available for anywhere operations with greater assurance for on-demand access.

3. Easy File Storage and Navigation

Microsoft 365 OneDrive supports secure file storage and file sharing across the web, desktop, mobile, and other apps. The interface is easy to navigate, and it seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft applications for greater efficiency.   

4. Intuitive Document Control 

Once there’s an Internet connection, OneDrive automatically syncs any file changes. The two-stage recycle bins safeguard against accidental file deletes, and automatic saving helps maintain version control and productivity. Users can also choose who can view and edit documents.

5. Smart File Sharing for Remote Work

OneDrive supports seamless file sharing. Statistics from the IDC indicate that the average knowledge employee spends approximately 2.5 hours of each workday (roughly 30%) searching for information. With Microsoft 365 OneDrive, your teams can take advantage of smart features such as “Shared with me,” “Shared by me,”  “Recent,” etc., to streamline data retrieval.

Also, it is easy to share links to cloud-based documents with helpful prompts from Outlook about possible recipients. You will have a similar file-sharing experience across the Office, SharePoint, and Teams apps.

6. Cloud Platform Security 

Security is a significant concern for SMBs and OneDrive has several data protection safeguards in place. Microsoft provides IT administrators with a variety of sharing capabilities via its OneDrive Admin Center. Therefore, your management team can supervise document access by all employees according to their responsibilities and privacy clearance levels.

External sharing of company documents is possible and can be regulated via multi-level criteria. You can also set controls on the devices used to access protected files and incorporate your company’s privacy and data protection compliance procedures.

7. Offline Work

While OneDrive is an online, cloud-based system, it also facilitates working offline. Users can download files to their devices and work on the content without any Internet access. Then, once they connect to the Internet, these files are automatically synced to your company’s OneDrive storage on the cloud platform. 

Microsoft 365 OneDrive is the ultimate file storage and file sharing solution. You can leverage these benefits and more to increase your company’s efficiency and growth.

Choose Us As Your Managed Services Provider

Net Friends is a premium Managed IT Services Provider and Microsoft Certified Partner. We offer NetVisor, a comprehensive suite of business IT services at a fixed, predictable, and budget-friendly, month-to-month price. We are also happy to help you incorporate Microsoft 365 OneDrive into your business operations. Contact us today, and let’s work together to help your company leverage all the latest innovations for greater profitability and market dominance.


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