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2022 in Retrospect with Net Friends President

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Neelesh Patel

I am proud and delighted to announce that we experienced the most successful year on record for Net Friends! The cherry that topped it was celebrating our 25th anniversary, and what a momentous occasion it was! We are fortunate to experience steady growth and success every year since our inception, and this year was no exception. In 2022, we achieved remarkable accomplishments in all facets of our business.

Net Friends 25th Anniversary Celebration
We specifically increased our growth by a staggering 43%—an extraordinary feat that not only sets a new bar for Net Friends, but for the entire Managed Services industry in our area!

Our success this past year has been a testament to the hard work and dedication of every single member on our team. Under the leadership of John Snyder (CEO) and Joel Abney (COO), we achieved unprecedented success with the launch of innovative products like NetForce Architect and a new customer-facing support portal.  Leveraging cutting edge technologies like HaloPSA, Joel implemented innovative processes to hybridize our workforce, segment our customers, and successfully restructure our operational teams to better serve our customers.  

The successful restructuring of our teams is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our managers Kyle George, Rachel Clarke, Brian Morris, and John Krivich. Their contributions have led to streamlined workflows, reduced costs, and enhanced customer experience:

  • The Field Services team exceeded expectations, completing more than 225 projects on time and within budget, and providing flawless NetForce staffing services.
  • The Support Center has been highly successful at responding to inbound incident calls within an average window of 12 seconds.
  • The NOC unlocked tremendous potential, completing over 50 complex infrastructure-related projects while simultaneously expanding their headcount and expertise.
  • The SOC experienced explosive growth by increasing the number of Security Analysts, expanding coverage to 7 days a week, celebrating multiple promotions, and successfully completing larger customer projects with no staff turnover.

This year, we devoted considerable resources to both employee training and development, and career growth opportunities—with a total of 13 promotions. In addition, we have invested in targeted management training and maintained more than 60 professional certifications, enabling our 62-member staff to be more than adequately prepared to tackle upcoming obstacles.

John Snyder led the Marketing team to skyrocket Net Friends’ visibility to the world. This enabled the Sales and Growth team to welcome 40+ new organizations into the Net Friends family. Our Customer Success team has improved the productivity and competitiveness of our customers in the marketplace by introducing clients to over 40 contract-based infrastructure solutions and close to 100 distinct project initiatives.

We also understand the importance of maintaining a strong financial footing and took steps to ensure that our fiscal resources are managed responsibly. Our Director of Finance, Holly Harris, implemented a budgeting system that is both effective and efficient, minimizing our financial risk. By enabling our Procurement team to handle over a 100% increase in parts and licenses sold this year, Holly’s teams have allowed us to prioritize our customers and enhance our service delivery. We are certain that her sound financial management and supervision of procurement activities will continue to benefit us and our customers in the future.

I am looking forward with anticipation to the opportunities that 2023 holds. I am confident that with the right strategies, investments, and commitment to excellence, we can continue achieving great things in the coming year. With hard work and dedication, we can make next year even more successful than this one. Let's make the most of the new year and continue to strive for greatness! Let's make 2023 a year of adventure and exploration, of continued growth and success. Let's make it a year to remember! Let’s make it the year we are crowned "The Best MSP!!"

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