A Business Owner's Guide to DNS & SSL Certificates

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This brief guide underscores the importance of the essential basics of a cohesive online security approach. Business owners are encouraged to collaborate with their IT departments to synchronize DNS and SSL settings, aligning them with both organizational goals and security requirements to create a thriving and secure online ecosystem.

In the game of online business, strong security and high visibility are the star players that lead to victory. Just as in soccer, where a solid defense and keen-eyed offense are key to building winning seasons, so too are Domain Name System (DNS) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates. But what do these terms mean, and why should business owners care?

What is DNS?

DNS translates domain names, like, into IP addresses. This allows your browser to access the Internet's resources and display a website. Unfortunately, DNS queries are often transmitted in plaintext, making them vulnerable to exploitation.

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What is DNS (Domain Name System)?

Enhancing DNS Security: The Importance of DNSSEC

Think of DNS as the “rules of the game" because it is a protocol standard. SSL is one of several standard mechanisms for encapsulating network traffic in such a way that it can be delivered to the intended recipient. DNS, however, ensures that the "game of online business" is played the same in all countries and on any given "field" or with any mix of players. And the players of this game understand that if you want to ensure that your "pass" gets to the intended recipient and doesn't get intercepted on the way or blocked by defense, you have to ensure you do a few things properly to deliver that ball into the right spot where your teammate expects it and can readily take it forward. Similarly, DNSSEC acts as the rulebook for your online game, ensuring you are not led astray.

In technical terms, DNSSEC adds a crucial layer of security to DNS. It uses digital signatures and cryptographic keys to make sure the websites you visit are authentic. This prevents you from being redirected to fraudulent or malicious sites, much like a trustworthy referee would prevent unfair play on the soccer field.

Key Takeaway:

DNSSEC ensures you interact with authentic and secure information. Make it a part of your security game plan.

Learn more about the benefits of software patching for business.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificates are digital certificates that enable secure connections that encrypt the data sent between your server and a user's browser. This ensures secure transactions that protect you and your users from eavesdropping and potential data theft.

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What is an SSL (Secure Socket Layer)?

SSL & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

An SSL Certificate is not only about securing user data; it is also a crucial factor in your website's ranking on search engines. Implementing SSL Certificates can give your website a boost in search rankings, just like a well-placed pass can create a scoring opportunity in a soccer match.

The Importance of SSL Certificate Chain

Ensuring a complete SSL Certificate chain is vital for your website's trustworthiness. Incomplete chains can lead to warnings or errors in browsers, which may deter potential customers. Collaborate with your IT team to properly implement the certificate chain.

Multi-Layered Security Approach

DNS and SSL Certificates are vital players on the field of online security, but they cannot win the game alone. A team of well-rounded players is needed for success.

Here's why:

  1. DNS experts manage your team's DNS so your business can keep playing online. If something goes wrong, like being flagged for spam or experiencing a DNS disruption, your business can get back in the game. That is where Net Friends comes in: we make sure your team returns to the field of play swiftly and securely.
  1. In soccer, a well-timed pass can lead to a goal. In the online world, SSL Certificates ensure your data—your passes—reach their intended target securely. These certificates need regular monitoring and renewal. Net Friends monitors and manages your SSL Certificates, ensuring they are up-to-date and configured for maximum security.

Key Takeaway:

A misconfigured DNS will sideline your business reputation. Get expert guidance from your MSP to keep your DNS in top shape.

Need a championship-worthy defense for your IT Infrastructure? Speak to a [net] friend today!

Build a Comprehensive Security Strategy

In the current business environment of "Anywhere Operations," downtime is not an option. That is where NetCore steps in. This specialized management service is available 24/7 and is tracked continuously by our team of IT experts. It employs a suite of advanced technology tools to give real-time insights into your essential business systems. Created to mitigate risks, it ensures your operations run smoothly and securely, especially if you are a small or medium-sized business.

In summary, safeguarding your online operations is not just about ticking off boxes—DNS, DNSSEC, and SSL Certificates are key players, but they reach their peak performance when integrated into a broader, proactive security strategy. NetCore offers a comprehensive solution that complements and enhances these foundational elements of online security.

Key Takeaway:

Elevate your foundational security measures—DNS, DNSSEC, and SSL Certificates—by incorporating them into a cohesive, tailored security plan.

Ready to level up your online security? Kick off a conversation with Net Friends today for expert guidance that hits the mark.

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