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Harness the Power of Automated Device Onboarding

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You have a new employee starting soon and they need a new laptop. Awesome! You'll need to purchase the right laptop that will support their success and set it up. What do you buy? How do you get it setup? Luckily for you, your company works with Net Friends, and you have concierge-level services for purchasing and provisioning new devices.

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Harness the Power of Automated Device Onboarding

Not all managed service providers (MSP) provide their clients with automated device onboarding, as it is a newer way to provision computers. Once you experience it though, you will never want to go back! An automated process ensures that the organization is in control of their technology, data, and sensitive information.

Some of the benefits include:

What is Automated Device Onboarding?

Onboarding a device involves the initial configurations that ensure its successful integration into the existing IT ecosystem. It also includes the installation of necessary software that caters to the user's needs. This process is applicable for both new and existing devices for employees.

Automated Onboarding

From the user's viewpoint, automated onboarding is a crucial service. To start the process, you just reach out to Net Friends and we take it from there!

Step 1: The Request

When an employee is hired or a new device is required, reach out to Net Friends and let us know so we can set them up with a standard device. If you need us to drop ship the device to a remote employee or if your staff has specific needs, just include that info so we can accommodate those needs. While we appreciate when customers order the workstation directly from our Customer Portal, we are happy to accept new device requests through our other official contact methods too.

Step 2: Hardware Procurement

Net Friends will procure the device you need based on our established business-grade standards. This ensures that the device fits well within your IT environment and meets all end-user requirements. While consumer-grade devices may seem more cost-friendly, these devices often lack the processing power and durability of business-grade ones purchased by Net Friends.

consumer grade technology vs business grade technology infographic
Consumer Grade Technology vs. Business Grade Technology
Given the current supply chain issues, it is advantageous to have your MSP handle the purchasing process. Their vendor relationships can ensure timely shipping and delivery of your product, along with the added benefit of direct distributor pricing.

And remember, Net Friends can drop-ship your provisioned device directly to the user's location! In case of unforeseen events such as spills or urgent replacements, we maintain inventory to send a replacement device swiftly and efficiently.

Step 3: User Setup

Based on the established standard configuration and checklist for your business, Net Friends will create a user profile within your Microsoft tenant. This approach ensures a standardized and secure device setup, customized according to your company's preferred controls and configurations. Additionally, it allows the MSP to install necessary applications and implement security measures, eliminating manual intervention and reducing potential errors during the onboarding process. If your business uses SharePoint, OneDrive, and M365, all your data, mail, and calendar entries will be easily accessible.

When you receive your device, it will be ready for immediate use. Just "peel the cardboard," enter your credentials, and voila! This seamless setup process minimizes the risk of human error and leaves a great first impression on your new employee!

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Benefits of an Automated System

Limitations of Manual Onboarding

Automated device onboarding is new, and most small businesses are not aware that they can readily leverage it. Thus, nearly all the new customers that Net Friends works with are still performing a highly manual new device onboarding process. We work with these customers to overcome the limitations of manual onboarding, as we share their goals of avoiding the kind of errors and omissions that often are associated with these tasks.

Device onboarding checklists micrographic
Device Onboarding Checklists
We find that customers are more than happy to put those manual processes out to pasture, taking assurance in the accountability that an automated process brings, along with the speed and efficiency that is universally commented on when someone first experiences it.

Automate Success with Net Friends

Success lies not just in automation, but in thoughtful planning, regular review of processes, and continuous alignment of these procedures with the organization's evolving needs. If you need help implementing an automated onboarding system, Net Friends will guide you through the planning process and implement the tools necessary for an automated onboarding system.

Contact us today to discuss the benefits of automated onboarding for your business success.

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