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How to Maximize the Value of Your Technology Roadmap

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In the previous exercise for our Ultimate Guide to Technology Roadmaps, we discovered how leverage your IT Budget to confirm the successful development of your Roadmap.

What should you do next with your Technology Roadmap Lists and IT Budget for the year ahead? The most logical next step is to block out some time on your calendar over the following year to ensure you keep revisiting and building on your Technology Roadmap.

Schedule Routine Technology Roadmap Meetings

Businesses and organizations need to have regular, focused discussions about the technology they use and depend on. These meetings will be more impactful when you have a visual Roadmap to center discussions around. However, very few businesses actually make the leap from a list of their technology to a visualized roadmap that’ll guide stakeholders, unless there is a committed deadline.

That’s the problem with the lists and budget: they can feel “good enough” to the person who created both, as they have utility. Truly successful businesses have a shared understanding and wider participation in their technology investments and plans.

To ensure your success, make sure you bring others in and allow your stakeholders to collaborate with your technology plans.

A good standing technology roadmap meeting should include:

  • Reviewing the company’s vision and strategic goals
  • Overview of the current state of technology
  • Ensuring everyone has a copy of your Technology Roadmap or lists
  • Assessing: What is going well? Poorly? Are we on or off budget?
  • Discussion of technology issues and problems
  • Capturing To-Dos and adjustments needed to the Technology Roadmap

Regular meetings with an agenda will ensure your roadmap continues to support your overall goals and can be regularly adjusted to address your needs. If your organization doesn’t heavily rely on technology, then having these meetings once every 2-3 months might be sufficient. If you are like us here at Net Friends, you might have these meetings every other week. Don’t dwell too much on the meeting recurrence, just get something on the calendar with the proposed agenda above!

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