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We’ve been hearing for years that telecommuting is the future of work. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the future is here – whether we like it or not. Net Friends is actively developing a suite of affordable telecommuting readiness packages to help our customers make this transition effectively.

If you run a North Carolina business and your staff are not already working remotely, you need a contingency plan to transition on short notice. If your staff are already partially or fully remote, they may be experiencing frustration and confusion while trying to maintain the normal rhythms and workflows of the office. Either way, if you haven’t fully assessed the readiness of your business to shift to full telecommuting, you may be putting your company at risk at the worst possible time. Today we’re announcing the Telecommuting Essentials package, a detailed report that our staff can deliver in just a few days. It gives you everything you need to plan – and budget for – a switch to telecommuting.

Our goal is to deliver the Telecommuting Readiness Report within 3-5 business days after the package quote is accepted. We understand the urgency of current work conditions in North Carolina, and the Raleigh-Durham region specifically.

Our Telecommuting Essentials Package includes:

  • Fixed-cost pricing
  • Invoicing after project completion
  • Payment deadline extended to 90 days (rather than 30 days)
  • Sample email templates to help you provide guidance to your workforce and customers on what to expect

If you’re interested in the Telecommuting Essentials Package, please call our hotline at 919-689-5561. This hotline will take you directly to one of our company officers, so you can discuss your needs at a high level with someone who understands what business owners are going through right now. You can also follow this Contact Us link, and one of us will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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