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"You're Doing It Wrong" Podcast Episode on The Reluctant Visionary

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Business coach Mark Henderson Leary is the podcast host of You're Doing It Wrong, where he engages in candid and in-depth conversations with entrepreneurial leaders about the meaningful insights and breakthroughs they've discovered on their journey to help listeners take control of their life and business.

He invited John Snyder, our President & CEO, to the show to discuss what it's like to be a reluctant Visionary. As a natural Integrator, John shares how he answered the call to take the Visionary seat as Net Friends adopted the Traction's EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System).

Listen to the podcast episode HERE and read the Episode Summary & Notes for more details.

"I know we're focused on the business, I know we're focused on profits and growth, and culture and all those different things. But don't forget about the real problems and challenges some of the folks are having, and make sure that you have an environment where those can come out, surface and be discussed, and it's not stigmatized."

- What A Teacher Taught Us (where EOS began)
- Why We Support Mental Health Awareness
- Celebrating Net Friends' 23rd Anniversary
- How I Was Hired At Net Friends

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