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Top 7 Signs That Your IT Isn't Working

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The drive to become a competitive and dominant player in your market requires leveraging the latest technology innovations. While small businesses may sometimes try to fulfill all their IT needs in-house, many discover that internal resources fall short. With a Managed Services Provider, your company will benefit from comprehensive managed IT services, cybersecurity, managed infrastructure services, and more.

Tell-Tale Signs You Need a Reliable IT Partner

Here are some of the indicators that you need dependable IT support from an experienced managed IT services company:

1. Your IT Team Avoids Contacting Your Existing IT Partner

Do you have an existing IT partner that’s not working out for your company?

Does your team dread contacting your current IT provider because it’s impossible to get through to their help desk or the quality of their IT support is lacking?

Switch to a responsive Managed Services Provider that is willing to learn the nuances of your operations to give you the IT support you deserve.

2. Small Internal IT Team

At first, your small, but mighty IT team was sufficient for your company’s needs. However, you now need expert IT staff in niche areas. A Managed Services Provider offers experienced IT staff who can resolve the most advanced problems that arise. These experts will also help increase your internal team’s knowledge base and enhance their internal progress supporting your business.

3. Your IT Team Lacks Certifications

Your IT team may not have the latest IT certifications in specialized areas. Hiring a Managed Services Provider gives your company access to IT experts with specialized knowledge to give you high-quality managed IT services. Net Friends is a Microsoft Solutions Partner with IT experts certified in multiple categories.

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4. Frequent Network Issues

Network downtime is a bane to SMBs, as it causes greater business disruption, reduces employee productivity, risks the lost of customers, and lessens revenue.

Frequent network issues are a sign that you need to get expert IT support to help you save time and money while improving your company’s reputation in the marketplace.

5. Your Team is Always Fixing IT Problems

Is your internal IT team always implementing quick fixes to keep your network running? Are they swamped with a lot of help desk requests? Then you need help.

A Managed Services Provider will not only keep your network online, but you will also benefit from preventive maintenance services. They will ensure that all your IT systems are updated and closely monitored to quickly resolve issues. This frees your internal IT team from putting out fires and helps them complete meaningful work to grow your company.

6. Inefficient IT Spending

Your IT budget is critical for enhancing your technology capacity. Therefore, it should not be squandered on fixing a myriad of IT issues. Even if you’re not spending on repairs, you may be spending more for IT support than necessary when you hire multiple IT vendors.

With managed IT services, you access all the IT support that your company needs for an affordable, fixed monthly rate, which allows you to spend more on growth-oriented IT projects.

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7. New IT Projects on the Horizon

Growth often means changes to your IT network and services. You can leverage managed IT services for these new IT projects in several ways, including:

  • Outsourcing basic IT tasks to free your internal IT team to focus on completing new projects
  • Outsourcing complex projects or the harder parts of a project to specialized IT experts

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Net Friends Is Your Ultimate Managed Services Provider

The growth in managed IT services is projected to reach over $320 billion by 2025. Managed Services Providers are expected to account for approximately 17% of SMBs’ IT spending by 2025. Net Friends offers a suite of best-in-breed IT services to suit your company’s needs. We are always available to answer your questions and resolve your concerns. Our  IT offerings include:

  • Managed IT Services: NetVisor provides a selection of remote monitoring and management (RMM) and inventory tracking tools. You’ll also enjoy a discounted support rate, standardized procurement, an onboarding account manager, and much more.
  • Managed Infrastructure Services: NetCore offers access to enterprise-level network security appliances. We bundle leased devices from enterprise vendors and 24/7 monitoring and management to meet your IT needs.

We provide a diverse selection of IT services for affordable, fixed, and predictable monthly rates. Contact Net Friends today and let us become your trusted IT partner to help your company grow and dominate your market.

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Originally Released on 5/25/21
Article Updated on 8/2/22

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