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Unlock Seamless On-Site Support Services for Your Business

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On-site support experiences can vary from one managed service provider (MSP) to another.  

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Seamless On-site Support Services for Your Business

Every business deserves to experience the exceptional service of an MSP that will arrive on time, ready to tackle your tech issues.

You deserve to kickstart your day stress-free. At Net Friends, we take pride in our commitment to stay onsite until all your problems are resolved, and everything is fixed to your satisfaction. We recognize the frustration that comes from having a technician arrive, only to leave without completing the job.

Our goal is to ensure every encounter you have with us leaves you in a better place, fully equipped to take on the rest of your day without technology struggles weighing you down. No more worries or disruptions; just seamless and efficient tech support that leaves you with a sense of relief and peace of mind

What exactly is on-site support?

On-site support involves having an expert physically present to address system failures and IT-related disruptions that require hands-on attention. This may include tasks such as equipment restarts or replacements. At Net Friends, we prioritize staying on-site and collaborating with our remote teams until we have completely resolved your problem.

All issues begin with a certain level of remote support. Whether you have submitted a ticket, or our monitoring system has detected an issue, we initially assess the problem remotely to find its severity.

If it is determined that your MSP needs to visit your business premises, it's crucial to understand the details of your service agreement, which should include information about the frequency and cost of on-site assistance.

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3 common reasons for an on-site support visit

Here are some common reasons why an MSP may need to be on-site:

  • Hardware Replacement or Repair: If a laptop or any other hardware malfunctions and cannot be fixed remotely, the MSP will come on-site to provide hands-on attention or replace the faulty equipment.
  • On-site Server Maintenance: While cloud computing is prevalent, some organizations still rely on on-premises servers. In such cases, an MSP engineer will visit your location to perform scheduled maintenance tasks and ensure the servers are functioning optimally.
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCDR) Services: BCDR services involve addressing security breaches or system failures to get your operations back on track. Depending on the type of breach it might require on-site services to get things back to normal.

At Net Friends, we proactively support your systems to ensure that they are functioning properly. This minimizes any issues that could cause downtime and an on-site service call.  

What can be handled remotely?

Net Friends continuously monitors all aspects of your systems to ensure proper functionality and security. We receive notifications about potential issues like viruses, malware, and failed backups. From our Support Center, we can address these problems, sometimes without you even being aware of them.

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To achieve this, we utilize Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) software, enabling our support staff to handle many requests remotely, often while you are still on the phone. Even complex issues can frequently be managed remotely, allowing you to concentrate on your business without unnecessary disruptions.

Why is having on-site services included important?

There are times when having someone come on-site to fix a problem is necessary.

On a recent Monday holiday, Net Friends experienced a critical client server failure. Our support team immediately mobilized our on-site crew and sprang into action. Throughout the client's day, our team worked diligently to resolve the issue and prepared to complete the solution the following day when the client returned. The IT team arrived early in the morning and successfully had the client up and running.

Net Friends conducted two on-site visits, one during a holiday, to resolve the client's issue. Since this customer had on-site services included in their contract, they were not charged.

Having on-site services included in your service contract might seem unnecessary, especially with so many tasks achievable remotely. The peace of mind it provides during critical times can save your company time, money, and offer fast relief in stressful situations.

Our commitment is to ensure your technology runs smoothly, and we are prepared to offer the necessary assistance, regardless of the situation or time of day. We will never leave you standing in the dust. If you are ready to work with a [net] friendlier MSP, give us a call!

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