Why We Selected Aruba's Networking Products for Our Technology Stack

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John Snyder

Net Friends spends considerable research time in our highly selective process deciding which platforms will be part of our core Tech Stack.

We selected HPE Aruba Networks as our Local Area Network (LAN) infrastructure provider. We’re pleased to build our Tech Stack around Aruba’s line of Access Switches and Access Points.  

We made this decision in 2019 based on Aruba’s uncompromising technology at prices significantly lower than popular brands like Cisco, Meraki, or Juniper. Their network switches and wireless access points (WAP) performed beautifully on multiple internal tests. We were delighted at how Aruba generously supplied multiple experts to spend hours coaching our staff and helping us model multiple architecture designs. Their cloud management interface was well designed for rapid troubleshooting and maintenance tasks. Topping off the list of plusses was how many avenues we have for obtaining equipment and parts from our distributors, ensuring we could source whatever parts we needed on behalf of our customers (even during the pandemic).

When Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company, came out with their 2020 Market Overview of wired and wireless networking vendors, their report confirmed our decision to choose HPE Aruba by putting them in the “Magic Quadrant” clearly above the rest, showing that HPE Aruba had the most complete vision and was the market leader in this strongly growing segment.

Additionally, when we contrast this year’s report with the report from 2019, we see HPE Aruba networks further distanced themselves from the nearest (and overpriced) competition: Cisco. A big part of this is HPE Aruba’s increased use of machine learning to develop self-healing products and supply suggestions for our staff to address common error conditions.  

We are thrilled to see this expert external validation of what we already determined independently: HPE Aruba has the leading LAN network technology all businesses need at an affordable price. Net Friends is excited to bring managed network infrastructure to all businesses through our NetCore Elements product offering, featuring HPE Aruba for all switching and wireless components.

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