5 Earth Day IT Tips for Small Businesses

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Earth Day Infographic - 5 Earth Day Technology Tips from Net Friends

IT Pro-Tip #1: Green Lining to Cloud

When the time comes to replace your server, upgrade to an environmentally-friendly cloud solution, such as Azure. You’ll create less e-waste and lower your carbon footprint by avoiding manufacturing, shipping, and energy costs.

IT Pro-Tip #2: Save the Trees

Go paperless and collaborate on documents in real-time with a file-sharing service, such as Microsoft OneDrive or SharePoint. Printed documents are out for in-person meetings, while reusable water bottles and travel mugs are in!

IT Pro-Tip #3: Create a Media Disposal Policy

Make a plan for how you will safely handle your company devices and data storage systems when it’s time to replace them. Not only are these important cybersecurity concerns, but they directly contribute to your IT sustainability practices too. Learn more about why your should create a Media Disposal Policy for remote workers.

IT Pro-Tip #4: Recycle E-Waste

Establish an IT recycling and data destruction program, so your organization can divert e-waste from landfills, secure critical data, and reduce your environmental impact. Net Friends partners with Triangle eCycling to handle e-waste disposal. In April, we diverted 590 lbs. of e-waste from landfills. That's an equivalent of 0.44 metric tons in carbon diverted!

IT Pro-Tip #5: Flip the Switch

Whenever you are the last person to leave a conference room or shared meeting space, make it a habit to turn off the lights as well as other smart devices, such as the TV and projector.

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