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IT Grants 101: How An MSP Can Help You Secure IT Grants

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Every organization needs to incorporate innovative technology to achieve their mission, but many lack the funds necessary for this transformation. At this juncture, grant funding, specifically IT grants, are critical to increasing your effectiveness and growth.

However, grant applications have several documentation requirements and steps that you need to complete. You also want to maximize the return on investment from your grant-funded IT projects. Let’s explore how a Managed IT Services Provider can help you complete grant applications, acquire IT grants, and make the most of your grant funding.

Advantages of a Managed IT Services Provider Assisting With Your Grant Funding

Any grant application process is quite detailed and you will need insights for allocating grant funding across competing IT projects. Here are a few of the ways that a Managed IT Services company can help your business acquire and leverage your IT grants:

1. Start With An IT Infrastructure Assessment

A Managed IT Services Provider will help you get a clear understanding of your infrastructure before applying for IT grants. An IT Infrastructure Assessment is an extensive review of your current technology environment. This detailed report includes a documented overview of key areas, such as your server environment, network shares, end-user devices, cybersecurity, backup, application delivery, print environment, and policies and procedures.

An IT Infrastructure Assessment identifies gaps in your IT environment and provides insights into the estimated costs of your proposed grant-funded IT projects. Therefore, you need IT expertise on your team to ensure that your assessment has sufficient depth and accuracy.

2. Evaluate the Return on Investment for Grant-Funded IT Projects

Documenting your IT projects and the projected costs represent one aspect. Return on investment (ROI) is another critical component as grant holders want to invest in promising IT projects. A Managed IT Services Provider is accustomed to working within such constraints and will help you formulate projects that are attractive to grant holders so that you receive IT grants.

3. Assistance on Completing Grant Application Paperwork

Grant application involves a lot of documentation and a Managed IT Services company is your ideal partner to help you complete all of this paperwork. Some of these documents include the request for proposal (RFP), which is your chance to market your proposed IT projects to grant holders and secure the grant funding your organization needs.

Furthermore, you will need to submit budgets and financial projections to support the validity of your IT projects. Your IT Infrastructure Assessment should help identify the cost estimates that you need to generate your financial documents for your grant application. 

4. Full-Cycle Guidance Through the Grant Funding Stages

Acquiring IT grants consists of several stages that a Managed IT Services company can help you navigate. The pre-award, award, and post-award stages all have a unique set of requirements that your company must meet. Although you don’t need to repay these IT grants, you still need to follow the particular guidelines of each grant. You will also need to provide documentation about the use of these funds for your selection of grant-funded IT projects. 

Maximize Your Grant Funding With Net Friends

The grant application process, funding acquisition, and fulfilling all the conditions of your IT grants are time-consuming and require professional input and oversight. Net Friends is an experienced Managed IT Services Provider that offers an extensive suite of services to our valued clients.

Our IT Infrastructure Assessment will help you identify the technology gaps within your company and the best solutions to address them. We will help you complete all your grant funding documentation and meet the requirements for your IT grant awards. Contact us today for the assistance you need to get your proposed IT projects approved for your organization's growth and improved competitiveness in your industry.

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