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What to Expect from NetVisor Monthly Reporting

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When you become a NetVisor customer, you will receive monthly reports about your IT systems. While it is tempting to overlook these reports and simply file them away, they contain invaluable data that can assist in your planning. Your monthly reports will include information on backups, patch status, device health, and security training.

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Overview Report

The Overview Report gives you a high-level view of the machines managed by Net Friends. As you go through this report, note that by clicking on the numbers displayed, you will be able to view the details behind those figures. For instance, clicking on the number 17 will display insights about the 17 devices connected to your network.

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Net Friends Pro-Tip: Overview Report

The quantity of devices corresponds to the ones that Net Friends supports. It's crucial to occasionally verify this list to ensure all supported machines are in active use and are being supported. Devices that have not checked in for 30 days or more might be those that are no longer in use or are seldom used. It is essential to ensure everyone in your company reboots their computers weekly.

It is a good habit to shut down the computers on Friday and restart them on Monday. This ensures all systems regularly receive updates. An outdated device can pose a security risk to the entire network.

Windows Patch Status  

Patch management is a process aimed at keeping network devices, like computer workstations, up-to-date with the latest software available. 

A "patch" is code designed to fix a flaw.

Net Friends deploys patches via an automated system that requires each user to restart their machine on a regular basis so that the patches can be installed.

This report specifically highlights machines missing non-critical patches. By clicking on each segment of the pie chart, you can see the updates that a particular machine lacks. Reviewing this monthly can help pinpoint devices that need reminders for restarts or ones no longer in use.

Backup Report

Net Friends provides many customers with automated backups. These backups secure important company data and ensure that data can be restored to a connected workstation.  

The backup report indicates which computers have recent data backups. Each slice of the pie chart displays the last date a particular machine was backed up. Much like other reports, clicking on a segment lets you drill down into details at the device level. For instance, in the example shown above, one device has not been backed up in over a week, but most are backed up consistently.

Cybersecurity Report

Your organization is also enrolled in Hook Security for ongoing cybersecurity awareness training. This entails monthly training on a variety of cybersecurity topics. These fun and easy to understand modules take only 10-15 minutes. Even when the content seems familiar, it serves as a useful refresher to maintain vigilant security practices.

Always remember, human error is a significant factor in cybersecurity breaches. If the organization doesn't prioritize cybersecurity, the risk of a breach remains.

This report will show who has completed the training and the overall compliance rate. It will also show the number of non-compliant employees. It is advisable to investigate the reasons and emphasize training completion, reinforcing another layer of defense for your organization.

Lifecycle Report

You will also receive a Lifecycle Report illustrating the age of your devices. This helps identify machines nearing the end of their lifespan.  This is a critical component in your technology roadmap. This roadmap helps to plan out IT costs and plan when legacy equipment will be retired.

Attached to the summary page are details of each computer, its assignee, identification details like serial and model numbers, device age, and warranty expiration date. Regularly reviewing these details aid in planning for new device purchases and warranty renewals. This proactive approach helps avoid the downtime associated with unexpected device failures.

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Benefits to Ongoing Device Lifecycle Reviews

Net Friends Approach to IT Health

Your IT infrastructure is the backbone of your organization, and understanding its health is critical. These comprehensive reports provided by NetVisor are data-rich resources. Net Friends leverages them to ensure that you have the insights needed to make informed decisions.

Staying ahead of potential issues, maintaining system health, and ensuring cybersecurity are more than just tasks—they are necessities in today's digital age.  

Net Friends is committed to being your IT partner and providing you with all the tools you need to manage your IT environment. In addition to monthly reporting, your Customer Success Manager will meet with you to help you create a technology roadmap. If you have any questions or require a deeper understanding of any aspect of your monthly reports, your Customer Success Manager is here to support you.  

Reach out to Net Friends to learn more about how NetVisor can further enhance your organization's IT performance and security. Don't leave your IT to chance; let's optimize it together.

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