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Why Businesses Need Wireless Assessments

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Wireless networks have become the cornerstone of communication, pivotal in supporting our daily business endeavors. Being so dependent on wireless technology requires paying attention to optimizing and protecting these networks. If you are grappling with challenges in your system, Net Friends offers wireless assessments to help detect and correct issues.

Why Businesses Need Wireless Assessments
Why Businesses Need Wireless Assessments

Understanding Wireless Assessments

A wireless assessment is an in-depth evaluation of your current wireless infrastructure. It zeroes in on environmental, architectural, and configuration elements that shape your system's performance. The assessment delves into radio frequency (RF) coverage and capacity, influenced by the positioning of access points.

Ensuring the health of your Wi-Fi system is also part of a robust cybersecurity plan. If your system is not properly secured, eavesdroppers can capture and read data sent over Wi-Fi, such as passwords or critical business data. Additionally, WLANs can be disrupted by interference, jamming, or flooding, making them unavailable or slow for legitimate users.

Net Friends technicians will study the building's architecture, noting that materials like metal or concrete walls can impede wireless signals. A well-placed access point will account for these impediments, ensuring minimal signal disruption. Having access to the blueprints of the building is important to receiving the most impactful analysis. If you do not have access to them, we can still do an assessment, but it will be more limited.

The assessment also includes a review of the way your wireless system is set up and designed. This includes checking how it communicates, its strength, speed, and other factors that determine how well it works.

What Is A Wireless Assessment - Definition
What is a Wireless Assessment?

The Necessity of Wireless Assessments

A comprehensive examination of the entire wireless system gives a clear view of its operation within a specific environment. This review can identify certain configurations or components that may be hindering system performance, offer insights on how to address these issues, and enhance the system's overall health.

A wireless assessment is primarily needed in two scenarios: (1) When you encounter problems with your existing system and (2) When you are preparing to deploy a new system.

Issues with the Current System

An unstable Wi-Fi connection can cause annoyance and productivity drop. Facing such issues, many might be tempted to implement quick fixes, like adding more access points or boosting bandwidth. Unfortunately, these "solutions" can sometimes worsen the problem.

Top 4 Common Wireless Assessment Findings with Net Friends
Top 4 Common Wireless Assessment Findings

The 4 most common issues that are frequently identified in our wireless assessment reports are:

  • Too Many Access Points - Think of your access points as walkie-talkies. If everyone tries to talk at once, clarity is lost. This situation arises when there is an overload of access points.
  • Too Few Access Points – If you are too far away from the other walkie-talkies it can be hard to hear the other people talking and there is interference. Similarly, when there are too few wireless access points there are issues with adequate coverage.
  • Excessive Bandwidth - Picture a narrow road being blocked by two large trucks facing each other, obstructing passage for all other vehicles. Similarly, access points using the same channels or using channels that are wider than necessary can cause disruptive interference. This is a major cause of slow Wi-Fi.
  • Architectural Interferences - Building designs can have a profound effect on Wi-Fi signals. Elements like metal or concrete walls can obstruct connectivity. If your business cannot confront this challenge, a complete system reconfiguration might be necessary. In such situations, a Net Friends technician will recommend initiating a comprehensive system planning consultation.

You will receive a detailed report pinpointing the challenges with your current system. This report will also outline steps for necessary adjustments to enhance its performance.

Sample Signal Strength Preview of Wireless Assessment Reports with Net Friends
Sample Signal Strength Preview of Wireless Assessment Reports

Setting Up a New System

When transitioning to a new location or updating an outdated system, a wireless assessment can pave the way for a seamless setup, helping you to avoid typical obstacles. Instead of positioning access points based on existing cabling or the center of the room, the assessment takes into account the site's architecture and device placements to determine locations that provide optimal coverage.

You will receive a report that resembles an architectural blueprint, indicating ideal placements for wireless access points. This report will address leading concerns; including bandwidth, the quantity of access points, and potential architectural obstructions. Equipped with this plan, your contractor can position the wireless access points with precision. Subsequently, Net Friends will revisit your site to refine system configurations and confirm optimal performance.

Sample Site Map of Access Point Locations for Wireless Assessment Reports with Net Friends
Sample Site Map of Access Point Locations for Wireless Assessment Reports

Optimize Your Wireless Performance with Net Friends

In today's hyper-connected age, the significance of wireless networks cannot be overstated. A robust, secure, and efficient wireless environment is not just a luxury, but a necessity for your business to function. The evaluation of wireless infrastructures is more than just measuring signal strengths or counting the number of access points; it is about ensuring that the network is designed for optimal performance, resilient against threats, and aligned with best practices. Net Friends is here to help you figure out your Wi-Fi issues. If you are interested in having your current system assessed or planning for a new system, reach out to our team of specialists.

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