Is There a Charge for the Implementation Project?

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Is There a Charge for the Implementation Project?

Yes. The Implementation Project marks the beginning of our collaboration. The project is typically four weeks from start to finish, but it can be done in a more compressed timeframe under certain conditions.  

The project includes many activities, including but not limited to a deployment of our management tools, acquiring asset lists and covered staff members, a backup assessment, credential capture and documentation, setting up licensing, deploying cloud backups, evaluating any existing issues in the environment, labeling and notating devices, as well as multiple communications and meetings with you. We typically are coordinating with another incumbent IT provider, and this work is included in the project charges.

Your active participation is critical to a seamless implementation. We rely on your cooperation to efficiently share information with your staff and grant us access to essential company tools. Your involvement determines our success—it saves time, reduces effort, and minimizes the need for any additional work. Should the project extend beyond four weeks due to delayed information, an additional fee may apply.

Upon completion of the Implementation Project, we look forward to providing your team with comprehensive support and training beginning officially on the determined “Go-Live” date. The “Go-Live” date marks the formal conclusion of the Implementation Project. This project ensures that your staff are well-equipped to leverage NetVisor to its full potential, enhancing your long-term benefits from our partnership.

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