What is a Unified Service Contract?

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What is a Unified Service Contract?

The Net Friends unified service contract is a single document that brings together all of a client’s active contract services. Even though a client may have enrolled in multiple services on a staggered schedule, the unified contract combines those services into a single invoice with a single contract term.

Why does Net Friends combine services into a single term?  

We operate our service renewals on an annual rhythm. When a customer enrolls in our flagship NetVisor service, which provides comprehensive help desk support to end users, that kicks off a series of 1-year renewal cycles. At the end of each 12-month period, we engage the customer in a thorough evaluation process to make sure we are meeting their IT management needs.

Ideally, when customers add more specialized services to the NetVisor foundational service, it is done as part of that annual evaluation cycle. However, reality rarely plays out that way. Most customers end up adding services as the need arises. When this happens, we “co-term” the new service with NetVisor to align it with subsequent evaluation cycles.

The unified contract means you only have one renewal date to manage, eliminating the hassle of tracking multiple expiration dates. This streamlined approach allows you to easily adjust your service plan based on your evolving needs, while giving us the flexibility to add or remove services as required.

Does Net Friends issue separate statements of work for each service?

Net Friends uses a joint statement of work that references standardized legal documents, available on our website. Each document describes a particular service. When customers add or remove services, we add or remove links and start dates on the statement of work and then issue an amended version. This makes the process of reviewing the amended quote quick and easy for the customer, because the statement of work itself is only a few pages long. 

In essence, the unified service contract is your gateway to a simplified and efficient IT management experience.

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