How Do You Manage the Transition from Our Current Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

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How Do You Manage the Transition from Our Current Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

Net Friends recommends an overlap between your outgoing MSP and the start date of our service with you.

This is important to ensure sufficient time for knowledge transfer and to collaborate with your current MSP to maintain the security of your data and systems. Simultaneously, Net Friends will begin the process of onboarding your company. During this transition, you will be responsible for managing communications between us and your current MSP. Any requests to the incumbent MSP will go through you consistently. It is essential for you, as our customer, to understand that both the departing MSP and Net Friends prioritize facilitating a smooth transition of services, ensuring security continuity, and preserving unique information about your business's technology. Our aim is to establish a crucial temporary partnership with the departing MSP on your behalf.

We will request the outgoing MSP provide us with any credentials and documentation they have generated. Furthermore, we will ask them to uninstall their management software in coordination with our team. If we discover any legacy management software from the outgoing MSP, Net Friends will handle its removal.

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