What Can I Expect from the NetCore Implementation Project?

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What Can I Expect from the NetCore Implementation Project?

Once sign your NetCore contract the first step is the implementation project. Our goal with the implementation project is to ensure your hardware and systems are efficiently integrated into our service.

Our process is:  

Presales Scoping: During the sales process, our team works with you to assess your infrastructure needs. They will evaluate the hardware you currently have in place and determine if it best supports your business requirements. After signing, our sales team holds a thorough handoff meeting with operations, discussing the insights collected from our initial interactions to guarantee a seamless transition.  

Initial Communication

After scoping, your project manager will provide an overview, setting the tone for the process and outlining our approach to IT projects. 

Review Documentation

We start by thoroughly reviewing all available documentation related to your infrastructure to get a holistic understanding of your setup. While certain items, such as credentials, are essential, other elements like network diagrams are beneficial but not mandatory. We appreciate any information you can provide, regardless of its completeness.

Access to Devices

We ensure we have access to your devices for smooth monitoring and management. 

Site Visit

Our team will visit your site to visually inspect the hardware and systems. During this time, we take pictures to document the condition and setup of the infrastructure. This helps us ensure that everything is set up correctly.

We will also create a network diagram. This helps us to better support your equipment should trouble arise.

Managed Infrastructure Services Onboarding Diagram by Net Friends
Managed Infrastructure Services Onboarding Diagram

Setting up Monitoring Tools

We then integrate your systems into our monitoring tools. After integration, we conduct tests to ensure alerting systems work as intended and complete any necessary documentation.  


Once we have set up monitoring, our next step is to carry out maintenance tasks, ensuring that all your systems remain current. This encompasses updates to software, firmware, and operating systems. Given that many of our clients have not updated their devices for a while, this often represents the most substantial update.


We prioritize creating backups of your devices and continue to regularly back up the configuration information. This step is crucial, because in the unfortunate event of a hardware failure, these stored configurations can expedite the recovery process, potentially saving your business from extended downtime.

Having your configuration details backed up reduces the risk of errors when replacing equipment, allowing us to seamlessly restore the most recent settings to any new device.

Our onboarding process ensures that we have full access to your IT infrastructure. This allows Net Friends to actively monitor, and proactively address any potential issues, aiming to reduce downtime.

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