What is the NetVisor Implementation Project Timeline?

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What is the NetVisor Implementation Project Timeline?

The first step in our new partnership is the implementation project, triggered by the signing of your contract. We differentiate employee and device onboarding from our initial project to bring you onboard, we call the work we do to prepare you for your first day of services, or Go Live date, the “Implementation Project.”

The implementation project is designed to ensure a smooth and hassle-free transition. We are committed to providing you with all the necessary tools and resources, including templates and draft emails that educate staff, to make this process as seamless as possible.  The project begins with the creation of a formal timeline to guide the project and help keep things on track. While the process outlined below is a general representation, we stay flexible and adaptable, prioritizing continuous forward momentum.

How long is the implementation project?  

Once you sign your contract, it typically takes four weeks to get your business completely integrated. We will need your support to obtain all the information needed to complete this process. Your project manager will assist you in gathering the necessary information.  

Week 1: Documentation

You will receive an email from your project manager (PM). During your initial conversation, they will schedule one of our technicians to conduct a review of your technology. This is initiated remotely and often assisted by our on-site technicians. We can guide you through the process if you are a fully remote company.

The Information we will gather:

  • Hardware Asset Tracking: Review and document network hardware, such as servers, workstations, firewalls, switches, etc. We will also verify all printer setups.
  • Software & Licensing: Document software and gather admin credentials and licensing details. We will need super admin rights to your software to manage updates, add new users, etc. Additionally, we will identify and catalog any specialty software you may be using, such as accounting software or industry-specific tools.
  • Vendor Tracking: Gather vendor information. Net Friends will assist you in managing your printer, internet, and voice services. If anything happens to those devices, we will take the lead in getting them running again.
  • Baseline Infrastructure Assessment: Conduct an Infrastructure Assessment (you can learn more about that here.)
  • Account Management: Your Customer Success Manager (CSM) will also be in contact with you. They are another resource available if you have questions during the process or need support before completing your onboarding.

Week 2 – Preparing for End-User Support

Your PM will coordinate obtaining the contact information of every covered employee. This will enable Net Friends to contact each end-user for ticket completion. It will also assist our accounting team with billing.  

We will install the Net Friends software tools, which allow end-user support and ongoing executive summary reports. During this step, you will coordinate with employees to ensure that they know when the Net Friends tools will be installed and how to complete the steps required to professionally install the necessary software. We aim to ensure all employees are thoroughly informed to reduce distractions and create proper expectations.

Behind the scenes, our team will be setting up your company profile in our management tools. Net Friends uses a variety of tools that enable us to remotely support your staff, update your software, run server backups, and monitor your systems for any security concerns.

Week 3 – Finalizing Onboarding

The Net Friends team will work diligently in the background to ensure that everything is set so that we can efficiently manage your systems. Your PM will contact you if we are missing any information or if any end-users have not completed the software installation.  We will also be documenting and learning about any of your critical applications.

Your CSM will share any actionable information that we learned during your infrastructure assessment. We identify workstations that are no longer covered by warranty or are outdated. This report will serve as a baseline to begin planning your technology roadmap.

Week 4 – Official Go Live

Your CSM will work with you to schedule a company meeting to share how to access support. This meeting is short but is an important part of ensuring that your entire team knows how to get IT support when they need it.

Most importantly, you are now officially able to take advantage of the comprehensive support of NetVisor.

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