Battle of the Titans: Google Workspace vs. Microsoft 365

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Welcome to the thrilling showdown of office productivity titans – Google Workspace and Microsoft 365! These contenders offer an exciting array of tools and services for productivity, collaboration, and security. It is time to dive into their offerings to find the perfect fit for your business.

First, Let’s Meet the Contestants

Google Workspace

The suite is well-known for its real-time collaboration capabilities, allowing multiple users to work together on documents simultaneously. 

Microsoft 365 (M365)

M365 offers a suite of robust office productivity tools, but they also include top tier IT management tools like an end-point manager, antivirus software, and cloud services.  

Round 1: Office Productivity Tools

Google Workspace offers adequate word processing and presentation software. If you do not require the more advanced tools available in M365, this product should suffice.

When it comes to spreadsheet analysis, MS Excel stands out as the undeniable winner over Google Sheets. MS Excel provides capabilities and features that make it the go-to choice for companies involved in complex spreadsheet analysis, even attracting some Google Workspace users for its unparalleled power.

Real-time collaboration is where Google Workspace shines. The Google ecosystem allows two people to work on the same document simultaneously. M365 does offer real-time collaboration and versioning, but it is not as widely utilized as Google Workspace. It is important to consider how your culture manages real-time collaboration and if this feature is worth giving up the greater functionality of M365 products.

Microsoft formats are the business standard. When using Google Workspace, you will need to export your documents and spreadsheets to Word and Excel, which may cause unintentional formatting changes. If sharing with partners in other companies, Microsoft formats are the expected standard. For businesses, this packs a winning punch for Microsoft 365.

Google Workspace vs Microsoft 365 Office Productivity Tools Comparison infographic
Round 1: Office Productivity Tools

In an overall comparison of Google Workspace and M365 office productivity tools, M365 emerges as the clear winner, primarily due to its more robust and comprehensive suite of products. From our perspective, the increased functionality of M365 outweighs the benefits of real-time collaboration offered by Google Workspace.

Round 1 Winner: Microsoft 365

Round 2: Cloud-Based Storage

OneDrive is Microsoft's premium cloud-based file storage tool, which provides automatic synchronization, backup for version control, and robust file security. It facilitates seamless collaboration with your team and effortless sharing of various file types within your business and with customers. When integrated with OneDrive, Microsoft 365 SharePoint offers additional benefits, allowing you to create intranet sites, pages, and document collections for efficient file storage and sharing, reinforced by enterprise-grade security measures.

On the other hand, Google Drive serves as Google Workspace's offering in this category. It enables private file sharing, offers search capabilities, and provides storage space across Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos.

Cloud Based Storage comparison Google vs Microsoft micrographic
Round 2: Cloud Based Storage

While Google's offering in this category is adequate, it falls short of the more advanced functionality and security provided by Microsoft 365 collaboration tools. Microsoft 365 emerges as the winner in this category, offering a more comprehensive and secure solution for file storage and sharing needs.

Round 2 Winner: Microsoft 365

Round 3: Security

Data security holds paramount importance for businesses utilizing cloud-based productivity suites like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. While both platforms prioritize safeguarding user data, M365 goes the extra mile by providing more tools and advanced features to achieve this objective.

Microsoft Intune, an industry-leading endpoint manager is bundled within their Premium suite and above. Intune empowers organizations with the ability to remotely manage their devices, ensuring the security of lost or stolen devices. It also allows organizations to automate onboarding new devices and the ability to lock out former employees from accessing systems.

google security vs microsoft 365 Intune micrographic
Round 3: Security

While Google Workspace offers sufficient data security, M365 delivers a powerful punch with its Intune product. For these reasons, M365 emerges as the clear winner in this category as well.

Round 3 Winner: Microsoft 365

The Final Round:  Price

As we come into the final round, M365 has Google Workspace on the ropes. Can Google Workspace land a knockout punch in the price round? The way pricing is determined is based on tiers of service. Each tier offers more features and a corresponding price difference. At Net Friends, we recommend Microsoft Business Premium. This level of service provides all the office products you would expect, and additional tools like Intune and SharePoint.

The comparable Google Workspace product is the Enterprise level, which has standard and plus tiers. This pricing is determined by sales but appears to be priced the same as M365 Business Premium or even slightly higher.

Google Workspace falls short in terms of the advanced features, seamless integration, and enhanced security offered by M365. For businesses and organizations looking for a comprehensive and secure collaboration platform, M365 emerges as the clear winner in this category. For a comparable price M365 delivers the final blow.  

The Knockout Winner: Microsoft 365

Crowning the Champion
for Online Business Suites

In the epic clash of the cloud-based office productivity titans, M365 emerges as the undisputed winner, delivering more bang for your buck with its comprehensive suite of products. Its robust features, advanced security measures, and industry-standard offerings set it apart from the competition.

Microsoft 365 micrographic with championship belt
Winner by TKO: Microsoft 365

As a Microsoft Partner, Net Friends stands ready to support your business in implementing a Microsoft solution or managing an existing one. With our expertise and dedication, we will help your organization maximize the full potential of M365.

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