Are Workstations Regularly Maintained?

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Are Workstations Regularly Maintained?

Absolutely, we ensure your workstations are operating at their best with regular computer maintenance, focusing on keeping your systems secure and up to date.

Our service specializes in managing patches for Windows devices to maintain optimal performance and security. For Mac users, while we seamlessly deploy iOS updates through remote management tools, we empower users to update their applications, giving them control and flexibility over their software environment. This collaborative approach ensures all your devices remain current and perform efficiently.

Our proactive approach uses an advanced software Remote Monitoring and Management platform to streamline regular maintenance, ensuring your systems are always up to date with the latest efficiency-boosting patches. For critical situations like emergency or zero-day updates, we utilize a specific protocol typically accompanied by extra communication due to their rarity and the heightened attention they demand. Think of this as our digital "housekeeping" routine to keep your technology running at peak performance. The detailed schedule for our maintenance activities is outlined as follows:

  1. Update Verification: Multiple times a week, our system scans for any updates your workstation may require.
  1. Updates Preparation: With a proactive stance, we arrange for the latest software enhancements to be downloaded and staged for installation on all devices, executed bi-weekly.
  1. Updates Installation: Weekly, the system implements all new and pending updates, streamlining the process for updates that have been pre-downloaded.
  1. System Reboot: To finalize the update installation, we schedule a weekly reboot of your workstation, ensuring all updates are fully integrated.

Our methodical schedule guarantees that workstations receive timely updates, which minimizes vulnerabilities and upholds seamless operations with minimal interruptions. For instances that require immediate attention, rest assured, emergency maintenance is managed through a different process that addresses such critical needs promptly and effectively.

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