How Do You Maintain My Equipment?

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How Do You Maintain My Equipment?

As a NetCore customer, Net Friends will monitor and maintain your key infrastructure devices. These devices all require regular updates and health checkups. This process keeps the devices running at peak performance, utilizing the latest features, minimizing unplanned outages, and enhancing the overall security of the system.  

NetCore maintenance includes:

Regular Updates

This involves monitoring several types of updates and ensuring that they are successfully applied with minimal disruption or delay. These updates are done on a routine schedule to ensure the device remains secure and functions efficiently.

Emergency Maintenance

While routine maintenance is scheduled, there may be instances where we receive alerts indicating immediate attention. Often these address high-impact security vulnerabilities. In such cases, emergency maintenance is initiated to address the issue promptly.  

Onsite Checks

Whenever a site visit is needed, our technicians follow a specific checklist to ensure all aspects of the device are inspected. We will ensure that any changes to your infrastructure are captured and updated in our documentation, whether they result from our work or are discovered during our site visit. This ensures consistency and thoroughness in the maintenance process.  


All updates and changes to your systems are logged and tracked. This information is often part of any accreditation or compliance reviews your company might have.  

Net Friends understands that attaining reliable infrastructure is not a one-time achievement: it requires a dedicated team to focus on ensuring your investment is there when you need it.

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