Who Owns The Software And Technology You Manage For Us?

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Who Owns The Software And Technology You Manage For Us?

It varies, depending on the application. Each product has its own set of guidelines regarding ownership. Below find the ownership details.

  1. Microsoft 365 (M365): Net Friends will set up and manage your M365 licenses. If you should you choose to discontinue our services, you can move them over to manage on your own by purchasing new licenses. Your new Managed Service Provider (MSP) will be able to help you with that process or if you are going to manage your IT yourself, Net Friends will assist you in making the transition.
  1. Google Workspace: When you are working with Net Friends, we will manage your licenses for you. This includes billing you for them. If you choose to leave Net Friends managed services, your licenses will transfer to you and Google will bill you directly.  
  1. Licenses (e.g., BitWarden or other Line of Business (LOB) software): Any licenses that you pay for directly are yours. You own them and will take them with you if our partnership ends.
  1. Domain Name System (DNS): This is under your ownership. The DNS services are yours and will remain with you should our services no longer be required.
  1. Antivirus / Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR): This is our solution and remains with us. You will not take our EDR tool with you if our services are discontinued. Net Friends provides this advanced antivirus and antimalware software as an additional layer of security for our customers.
  1. Remote Monitoring and Management: These are our platforms and will not move with you. We utilize these platforms to manage and maintain your systems during our partnership.

While some solutions remain with us, others that are directly purchased and owned by you will continue to be yours, ensuring a smooth transition if our services are no longer needed.

If you have any more questions or need further clarifications on specific tools or services, please feel free to ask.

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