How Do We Purchase New Software Or Licenses?

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How Do We Purchase New Software Or Licenses?

There are two main categories of licenses, Microsoft 365 (M365) and Net Friends managed licenses. How each of those are handled varies slightly, but you can count on Net Friends to help you manage your licenses, so you have all the tools you need.

Microsoft 365

To manage M365 licenses, you have a couple of options available. If you require a new license, you can use the customer support portal to make the addition. Alternatively, you can inform your Customer Success Manager (CSM) about the need, and they will ensure that the license is added to your plan. The renewal of these licenses is automated, ensuring continuity and reducing the administrative burden. Should you need to cancel a license, the process is straightforward and can be managed similarly to how one is added, either through the portal or by communicating with your CSM. This ensures a flexible and user-friendly management system for your M365 licenses.  

Google Workspace

If you need to add additional Google Workspace licenses, you can use the customer support portal and create a ticket, or your CSM can support you in getting that completed. The renewal of these licenses is automated. If you need to cancel a license the process is similar and done by working directly with your CSM or placing a ticket in the customer support portal.

Net Friends Managed Licenses

Certain licenses are included in your monthly NetVisor fees, covering essential products that operate behind the scenes. While you may not engage with these tools directly, they are integral to our technicians' ability to maintain your system's health and secure it against cyber threats. As part of our comprehensive onboarding process, these licenses will be set up and administered by Net Friends for every new team member you bring on board.  

Should you require specific line-of-business licenses managed by Net Friends, this is typically handled by each customer individually. Net Friends will expect you to arrange the purchase of the additional license, and then provide us with the requisite information to facilitate user access.

In all scenarios, Net Friends meticulously tracks software licenses under its management. Therefore, as expiration dates approach, we will notify you to enable a seamless renewal process. This ensures that there is no disruption to your business operations.

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