How Do You Support Google Workspace?

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How Do You Support Google Workspace?

Net Friends has dedicated experts available to provide support and help you harness the full potential of Google Workspace, thanks to a comprehensive approach that blends technical expertise with a deep understanding of business needs.  

We will begin by assessing your existing licenses and business needs and make recommendations for the best license for your company and how to customize Google Workspace. This customization ensures that each tool within the suite – from Gmail and Calendar to Drive and Docs – is tailored to enhance productivity and streamline operations.  

Beyond technical implementation, Net Friends' support extends to training and ongoing assistance, which is crucial for businesses adopting new technology. We implement robust security measures and ensure that Google Workspace aligns with industry-specific compliance standards, providing peace of mind, and fostering a secure digital environment. This comprehensive, user-focused, and security-conscious approach makes Net Friends an ideal partner for businesses looking to leverage Google Workspace effectively and securely.  

Our approach to Google Workspace support includes:  

  1. Support: We provide comprehensive support for Google Workspace. Our NetVisor coverage encompasses a wide range of services including setting up new accounts, terminating accounts, deploying applications, configuring new workstations, troubleshooting error messages, granting file access, resolving issues with corrupt files, and ensuring data security.  
  1. Training: The team will assist you in navigating the nuances of Google Workspace, and ensure users feel confident and competent in using the platform.
  1. Customized Implementation: We understand that each business has unique needs, and we customize Google Workspace so you can use the tools and security settings most relevant to your business’s needs.
  1. Security and Compliance: Net Friends takes security seriously. We ensure that Google Workspace aligns with industry-specific compliance requirements and implement robust security measures. This approach not only protects sensitive data, but also builds trust and confidence among users.  

Net Friends stands ready to elevate your experience with Google Workspace, providing a tailored solution that merges expert technical support with an acute understanding of your unique business requirements. Partner with us for a strategic implementation of Google Workspace that promises to transform the way your business operates and safeguards your data while enhancing productivity.  

Net Friends recommends Microsoft 365 (M365) for our clients but understand some have already committed to Google Workspace.

If you are unsure which one is for you, our blog Battle of the Titans: Google Workspace vs. Microsoft 365 ( discusses the differences between the two products.  

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