How Can Net Friends Help Manage My Inventory?

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How Can Net Friends Help Manage My Inventory?

Yes, we absolutely can manage your hardware and software inventory!

Every month you will receive a report that details the status of all your devices. It provides you with information about the owner of the device, age, and warranty status. This information can be used to make decisions about what devices need to be replaced and when. It will show all the end-user devices and servers within your ecosystem. Additionally, we can provide this information upon request to meet your needs.

This information is part of our standard monthly reports. In those reports you can also find additional data about the health of your devices.

You can learn more about these reports in this article: What to Expect from NetVisor Monthly Reporting.  

Effectively managing your assets ensures your team has access to reliable and efficient tools that are necessary for peak performance. Recognizing that dependable equipment is fundamental, it is vital for a business to commit to the regular updating and maintenance of its operational tools. This not only minimizes downtime due to equipment failure, but also signals to your team that their efficiency and workplace satisfaction are valued. A proactive approach to lifecycle management underlines a company's dedication to both operational excellence and its people.

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