How Do You Support M365?

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How Do You Support M365?

Net Friends is Microsoft partner, and we specialize in Microsoft 365 (M365) as our primary tech platform, though we can also support clients who use Google Workspace. We recommend the M365 Business Premium collaboration suite as the best option for small businesses.

Under the NetVisor contract, Net Friends includes all necessary support for managing and maintaining M365 transparently without any hidden fees or extra charges.

The 24x7 contract coverage includes a wide range of services as follows:

  • Setting up new accounts
  • Terminating accounts
  • Deploying applications
  • Configuring new workstations
  • Troubleshooting error messages
  • Granting file access
  • Resolving issues with corrupt files
  • Ensuring data security

We will work with you to make sure that your licenses meet your budgetary constraints and productivity and security needs.

Additionally, we provide training sessions and resources, ensuring that all users are confident and competent in utilizing the various tools within M365. This focus on user empowerment through knowledge significantly reduces the learning curve and boosts productivity.

Our M365 support includes establishing and managing your businesses collaboration tools with a focus on security and productivity.

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