Can You Deploy Software For Us? 

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Can You Deploy Software For Us? 

Certainly! We can assist with deploying routine software updates, new software deployment, and software removal.  

Routine Software Updates

If you require updates or configurations for software that is already part of your existing technology stack, we can efficiently handle that as part of our ongoing support services.

New Software Deployment

If you have acquired a new software package that needs to be deployed across all your devices, this would typically be considered a project. We can work with you to plan and execute the deployment effectively, ensuring a seamless integration into your existing infrastructure.  

Software Removal

When a software application becomes obsolete or no longer serves its purpose, it is important to remove it cleanly to prevent security vulnerabilities and free up system resources. Net Friends can remove unneeded software when a product is being decommissioned or as part of deploying a new software product.

Our goal is to streamline the process across all steps of software management. This includes routine updates, new software deployment, or removal of outdated applications. By optimizing these processes, we aim to elevate your technological infrastructure, ensuring it aligns with and actively advances your business objectives.

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