How Can You Purchase New Computers?

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How Can You Purchase New Computers?

There are 2 primary ways to obtain a new device: through our customer support portal or by working directly with your Customer Success Manager (CSM).

Customer Support Portal

You can find our most popular configurations available to purchase directly on the customer support portal. There are several laptops, desktop, and tablet options available to choose from. Once you place your order you will receive an invoice and notification that the order is being processed. (Please note if these steps are completed by someone without purchasing authority nothing will happen until the purchase is approved.)

Some benefits of this process are that Net Friends stocks many of these devices, if you are in a pinch, we can move the process along quickly. Though we do recommend that you allow two weeks for the new device to arrive.  

During this purchasing process you will be prompted to answer questions about who will be receiving the device and how it should be configured and where it should be shipped. When the new devices arrive, they will be ready to go when you open the box.

You can learn more about how we onboard devices here: How Your MSP Can Deliver Concierge Procurement.

Direct Requests with Your CSM

If the exact configuration you are looking for is not available in the customer support portal or you are not sure what you need, your CSM can assist you. They will make sure you get the device that meets your needs. Once that device has been selected the process will be the same as if you had ordered it through the customer support portal.  

We recommend that you work with your CSM whenever you are purchasing multiple devices, have special needs, or are exploring options. They are here to help you navigate through the myriad options and make the best choice for your business and within your IT budget.

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