How Does Net Friends Ensure Data Privacy?

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How Does Net Friends Ensure Data Privacy?

Ensuring data protection and transparency is at the core of our services.

Here is how we achieve this:

Data Privacy

The starting point is maintaining robust isolation of your business data. Every tool used by Net Friends compartmentalizes your business’ information and communications in an encrypted space called a “tenant.” Data is a critical business asset that we prioritize in our services; it is our commitment to preserving your trust. Our comprehensive data privacy measures ensure that your data stays confidential, and we adhere to strict standards to safeguard it from unauthorized access or breaches.  

Cybersecurity Incident Handling

Net Friends maintains a group of trained Incident Commanders who follow a standard set of procedures in case of a suspected cybersecurity incident. All technical staff members are experienced in managing cybersecurity incidents and receive regular training updates.

Security Monitoring Tools

All customer workstations and servers have security tools like Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) to remotely monitor the health and security of partner IT systems, allowing us to detect and address issues in real time.

Security Awareness Training

During onboarding, all customers are automatically enrolled into our security awareness training tool. It is a critical part of ensuring your staff can recognize and help reduce cybersecurity incidents and know how they can play a role in data protection.

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