How Does Net Friends Train Their IT Support Technicians?

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How Does Net Friends Train Their IT Support Technicians?

Training for our IT support technicians at Net Friends consists of four key approaches—blending initial onboarding with ongoing professional development to keep our team at the forefront of industry knowledge.

Initial Team Onboarding

Newcomers engage in a thorough training program during their onboarding week. This program introduces them to our organizational ethos, operational procedures, and specific tools and technologies.

Professional Certifications

Our IT support technicians pursue specializations in various domains, including certifications from industry giants like Microsoft, Azure, and AWS. Vendor certification involves rigorous proctored exams and practical tasks to show proof of mastery. To support this, Net Friends has crafted multiple Structured Learning Plans (SLPs), offering a guided journey for technicians to enhance their expertise, with oversight from their managers and team.

Weekly Ongoing Training

A dedicated segment of our weekly staff meetings is used for continuous training. This includes sessions on tool optimization, customer support strategies, productivity enhancements, and other essential skills that contribute to outstanding customer service and effective problem-solving.

Focused Training Sessions

Net Friends periodically organizes targeted training for specific subsets of our IT support staff. These sessions address specialized topics relevant to certain roles. Our Learning Management System (LMS) archives these focused sessions, making them accessible for future reference.

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