How Does Net Friends Measure And Share Support Metrics?

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How Does Net Friends Measure And Share Support Metrics?

We measure our performance against six key metrics, ensuring we meet and exceed defined goals in each area. These metrics are integral to our support strategy, providing clear, measurable targets that guide our team's performance and customer service quality.

  • NPS Rating: Our Net Promoter Score is consistently above 90, reflecting high customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • SLA Compliance: Maintaining a remarkable 99.9% compliance rate, demonstrating our reliability and adherence to promised service levels.
  • Call Wait Times: Less than 2 minutes, ensuring you can quickly reach our support team when you need us.
  • Average Issue Resolution Time: Less than 2 hours, highlighting our efficiency in resolving issues promptly.
  • Rapid Resolution Commitment: While some issues require more than a single contact to resolve, our commitment is to resolve tickets as rapidly as possible.
  • Average Resolution Effort: Less than 1 hour, showing our effectiveness in solving problems with minimal effort needed.

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