How Does Net Friends Monitor Client Satisfaction?

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How Does Net Friends Monitor Client Satisfaction?

Net Friends is committed to being more than just a service provider - we aim to be a trusted technology partner. We take your feedback seriously. To ensure we are not just meeting but exceeding your expectations, we have developed a variety of methods to gauge your satisfaction with our services.

Net Friends has 4 ways to measure how satisfied you are with our performance:  

  • We ask you to rate our services whenever we resolve a support request or incident.
  • We submit a brief survey whenever we finish a project to every person impacted by it.
  • We ask key stakeholders in your business for feedback via a short, comprehensive questionnaire.
  • We conduct regular Technology Business Review meetings with you, using this forum to explore how we can improve our engagement and value creation in your business.

Issue Resolution Feedback

We track every support request in our ticketing system. Whenever one of our IT experts confirms we have resolved the issue and closes the ticket, a confirmation email is sent to the person who made the support request. This email will give this person an easy opportunity to give feedback, as they can simply rate our services on a scale of 1-10 and optionally provide further comments. The core question asked is “How likely are you to recommend Net Friends, Inc. to a friend or colleague?”  

The Net Friends Leadership Team reviews these ratings and comments daily and has a weekly discussion looking at overall trends and specific feedback we have received. This is the primary way that we monitor client satisfaction.

Project Completion Feedback

Whenever we complete a project for one of our customers, we know we have introduced changes to existing workflows. We make sure that every person who might be impacted has a voice.

We provide a short “Project Feedback Survey” that asks 3 core questions:  

  1. After the project, do the new features work as you expected them to? (Yes/No)
  2. Are you experiencing any issues from the project that affect your work? (Yes/No)
  3. Please list any questions you have about the new project that would help you with your work: (open ended)

Our clients benefit from these surveys after the project is completed, as everyone receives immediate feedback.  It also allows us to identify any concerns that might arise, and by providing this feedback channel post-project, we have increased client satisfaction and buy-in for project changes. Our Leadership Team reviews these surveys and the absence of completed surveys weekly to ensure our project work improves client satisfaction.  

Periodic Feedback

We recognize that our customers can give us more complete feedback when they step back and view how we are performing holistically. While Issue Resolution and Project Completion feedback are centered around telling us how satisfied you are with a specific service we have rendered, the goal of our Periodic Feedback is to learn how well we are doing as your strategic partner in technology. These surveys are intended to be more open-ended and exploratory, opening a communication channel between our two companies that allows you to give us actionable feedback in a structured way that helps us best take action.

Consultative Feedback

Once every 3 months, we offer a sit-down meeting with your key decision makers to review topics like your Technology Roadmap and IT Budget. We create openings throughout the Technology Business Review (TBR) to ensure we are aligned with your business priorities, that Net Friends is creating value, and that your decision makers are fully satisfied with our performance. Our approach to the TBR is optimized for capturing thorough feedback about how satisfied your business is with a wide range of IT related issues and resources.

We have a full briefing internally after these TBRs where your Customer Success Manager discusses any constructive feedback we have received from our Director of Customer Success. The briefing's goal is to continually learn, adapt, and improve our services on your behalf and take immediate action if there are any concerns shared with us during these TBRs.

Comprehensive Approach to Client Satisfaction

Net Friends has put these 4 core measures in place based on years of critical thinking about how to best measure client satisfaction. Our leadership team is especially attuned to feedback we receive through the mechanisms described above.

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