How Is Customer Feedback Handled?

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How Is Customer Feedback Handled?

Net Friends actively seeks feedback through both formal and informal channels. Every support incident, handled request, or completed project comes with a feedback invitation.

Managers review this feedback daily, with a comprehensive review by our leadership team weekly. We celebrate positive feedback as it guides us to maintain effective customer service practices. Negative feedback is equally valued, seen as crucial for identifying areas for improvement. Our culture of continuous improvement ensures all feedback is well received and acted upon.

Our customer service success is measured primarily by our Net Promoter Score (NPS). With a consistent score in the mid-90s, surpassing the "World Class" level.

We are committed to maintaining these high standards through constant feedback and prompt responses.

Additionally, your Customer Success Manager is always ready to receive your feedback and suggestions, serving as your primary contact point for a responsive and tailored service experience.

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