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New Employee or Device Onboarding

If you have a new employee or need to add a new device, a simple 3-step process can accomplish this.

Step 1: The Request

When a new employee is hired, or a new device is purchased, you can place a request in the customer portal to have the new hire and device onboarded. The portal allows you to order a new device or provision an existing one.

Step 2: Hardware Procurement

You can order a new device in the portal. We offer our most popular computer bundles for you to select from, or you can work with your Customer Success Manager (CSM) to find a device that meets your specific needs.

Learn more about How Your MSP Can Deliver Concierge Procurement.

Net Friends will ship or deliver your provisioned device to the user’s location. In the case of unforeseen events, such as spills or urgent replacements, we maintain inventory to send a replacement device swiftly and efficiently to you.  

Step 3: User Setup

A questionnaire in the support portal will ask you questions about who the device is for and how it should be set up. If there is a standard configuration and checklist for your business, Net Friends will use that to create a user profile within your Microsoft tenant. This approach ensures a standardized and secure device setup, customized according to your company's preferred controls and configurations.  

When you receive your device, it will be ready for immediate use. Simply "peel off the cardboard," enter your credentials, and voila — this setup process minimizes the risk of human error and leaves a great first impression on your new employee!  

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