What  is in your Service Level Agreement? 

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What  is in your Service Level Agreement? 

Net Friends is committed to ensuring that all customer service requests, or tickets, are addressed promptly and professionally. The following guidelines detail how Net Friends manages these requests during both office and after-hours. 

Response Time During Office Hours 

During regular office hours, Net Friends attempts to respond to all tickets as quickly as possible. Even during busy times, we are working to resolve issues much speedier than our Service Level Agreement requires.  

We triage tickets based on a priority system as detailed below: 

  • Normal Priority Issues: We will respond to you within 8 business hours.  
  • Important Priority Issues: You can expect a response to occur within 2 business hours. 
  • Critical Priority Issues: No worries! We will get back to you within 30 minutes.  

Response Time During After-Hours 

If you face a “Critical” issue after normal office hours, rest assured, Net Friends provides 24x7 support for critical issues. Should you have a “Critical” issue arise after hours, we will respond within 30 minutes and have a resolution for you within 4 hours.   

“Normal” and “Important” priority issues will be responded to during business hours.   

Creating a Support Request 

We request that you use one of the three methods of contacting us to create a support request:

  1. use the customer portal,
  2. send an email, or
  3. give us a call

For critical issues, we encourage clients to call and use the emergency voicemail.  This routes your call to the right people and avoids potential processing delays. 

Determining Priority 

How we prioritize tickets is a common question, and the simple answer is you determine the importance. Every business has unique needs, and what is critical for one might be normal for another. You have the best understanding of what is crucial for your operations, so you set the priority. Net Friends is here to respond based on that priority.  

We value transparency and encourage you to contact your Customer Success Manager as soon as possible if there are any issues regarding our service levels.  This information allows us to adjust and better meet your needs. When you first become a Net Friends client we are learning about your requirements and your feedback is a crucial part of that process.  

We are here to make sure your IT systems are the least of your worries. If we are doing it right, you will hardly even think about them.  

For specific information, please refer to our Current Service Level Agreement.

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