Life At Net Friends
Summer 2022 Playlist ft. Net Friends Staff Picks

Get your day started with this set of staff picks, compiled by your Net Friends.

Life At Net Friends
Q&A with Holly, Finance Director

"Diversity in leadership is vital – it helps to prevent a business from becoming stagnant from groupthink, thus leading to greater innovation," Holly shares.

Life At Net Friends
Q&A with Christine, HR & Office Administrator

"I grew up with this band of incredibly intelligent and insanely resilient women in STEM fields mentoring me," Christine shares. See Christine's full interview.

Life At Net Friends
Q&A with Chelsea, Cybersecurity Analyst

"Growing up, my dad was always into new tech, and that rubbed off on me," Chelsea shares. Discover more about her journey in our "Women at Net Friends" series!

Life At Net Friends
A Tale of Net Friendly IT Support (How I Met My Wife)

"In 1999, I was a new tech at Net Friends, enjoying my time supporting dozens of research departments at Duke University."

Life At Net Friends
Small Business Saturday 2021: Local Businesses We Love at Net Friends

Small businesses are the backbone to every local economy. That's why Small Business Saturday spotlights local establishments that keep communities thriving.

Life At Net Friends
Q&A with Net Friend Ryan on Veterans Day 2021

For Veterans Day 2021, we interviewed Navy veteran, Ryan Gilson, about his service journey and how it led him into his cybersecurity career at Net Friends.

Life At Net Friends
Beyond Mental Health Awareness with Net Friends

We applaud the increasing number of mental health initiatives in the technology sector that are moving beyond awareness. Here's how our Net Friends are too!

Life At Net Friends
Drive-Thru "Walk for Hope" with Net Friends

Join us on October 12, 2021 at Walk for Hope's Drive-Thru event to support mental health awareness and World Mental Health Day.

Life At Net Friends
Happy National IT Professionals Day 2021

Not all heroes wear capes! There is a lot of hidden work in IT support and we salute our fellow IT professionals today for their ongoing efforts.

Life At Net Friends
What Was Your First Computer?

Lenovo recently inspired us to think back to our first computer, so we asked our staff to reminisce with us.

Life At Net Friends
Summer 2021 Playlist ft. Net Friends Staff Picks

Kick off the summer with this curated playlist featuring staff picks by your Net Friends. From The Beach Boys to 2Pac, this mix is will liven up your work day!

Life At Net Friends
Q&A with Bob Casey, Senior Business Advisor

Meet Bob Casey, our Senior Business Advisor. Did you know that Bob spent a month in his twenties on his bicycle, riding across Europe?

Life At Net Friends
9 Net Friends Share What 2020 Taught Them

If 2020 taught us anything, it's that we are in this together. We asked a few Net Friends to share what this last year has taught them. See what they said...

Life At Net Friends
Q&A with Madison, SOC Analyst

Madison shares, "When diversity is embraced in the workplace, new ideas and perspectives help improve efficiency and effectiveness."

Life At Net Friends
Q&A with Carrie, IT Project Coordinator

"Women can really be leaders in the field, because the best IT people are good listeners and take care of the details that are really important to customers."

Life At Net Friends
Q&A with Rachel, Services Manager

"We need more women in these IT positions to help guide and be a mentor for other women to succeed in this industry," Rachel remarks.

Life At Net Friends
Happy Holidays from Net Friends

This year, we are grateful for every interaction that reminded us that we are in this together!

Life At Net Friends
Q&A with Net Friend Kyle G. on Veterans Day

One of the most rewarding aspects of working alongside an incredible team of talented people is that you discover the diverse experiences that people bring.

Life At Net Friends
What A Teacher Taught Us

In 2016, we hired a former educator with a Masters in curriculum development and instruction to join our team as our first Training Coordinator.

Life At Net Friends
How Our Joint Venture with Castra Began

I first met Grant Leonard back in 2002. We hired him at Net Friends as a contractor to help with all sorts of IT security projects and initiatives.

Life At Net Friends
How I Was Hired At Net Friends

"Wanna grab a free lunch?" my boss asked me. "Of course" was the only possible answer any new college graduate loaded down with student debt could give to that.

Life At Net Friends
Why We Support Mental Health Awareness

At Net Friends, we are committed to normalizing mental illness as a topic of discussion and focus for our company.

Life At Net Friends
Join Us at Walk for Hope's Drive-Thru Event!

Net Friends is proud to support Walk for Hope again this year as our way of continuing to support mental health awareness.

Life At Net Friends
Celebrating Net Friends' 23rd Anniversary

Every September, Net Friends celebrates our anniversary. We use this time to reflect on what we’ve accomplished over the years.

Life At Net Friends
College Freshman Job Shadows at Net Friends

Angel Knight, a freshman from Claremont McKenna College, joined us at our HQ this week to shadow Colin Cannell, an alum of her school.

Life At Net Friends
Proudly Honoring Our Veterans

We would like to take a moment to recognize our #VetFriends, who have selflessly served our country so we can enjoy freedom every day.

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